Adidas Men’s Ligra 5 Volleyball Shoe

There are a few elements that make volleyball shoes stand out from other types of shoes. Adidas has been able to focus on these elements to create an outstanding Adidas volleyball shoes for men. Introducing the Adidas Men’s Ligra 5 Volleyball Shoes, this is a pair of footwear that guarantees you traction, cushioning, stability and many more advantages. So here is a look at what this shoe has to offer to beginners and professional volleyball players.

Adidas Men’s Ligra 5 Volleyball Shoes


The first thing volleyball players ask when looking for a good shoe is its durability. It is important that you get a shoe that has been reinforced in the right places to keep the upper part of the shoe from wearing out prematurely. The Ligra 5 is one such shoe you need to consider. Its durability is directly tied to a tough upper and long-lasting ADIWEAR outsole. This means that your shoe will take time before it starts to wear out even if you are a frequent player of the sport. This is a shoe that guarantees you to last longer whether you play under normal conditions or on a harsher court. You don’t have to worry about the traction of your Adidas losing its edge, support or the material falling apart.



What separates this shoe from other athletic shoes in the market is the fact that it offers superior traction to keep you on your feet while on the court. Hard courts can be slick, so as a volleyball player, you will appreciate the amount of grip offered by the non-marking rubber on this shoe. You will notice the effectiveness of this component when you make quick movements.

The durable outsole is a bonus to this shoe and offers maximum grip as you take charge of the game. Most volleyball players tend to modify their shoes to increase the traction to prevent falling, but the quality of the rubber on your Ligra 5 is just enough to take on any surface. On the whole, the outer sole of this shoe is fairly soft and slightly flexible for a good footing. The shoe also has ample amounts of thread for greater traction.



Adidas was keen on the weight of this shoe. The manufacturer wanted to create a shoe that was very lightweight so that players could remain agile, and they did. The shoe weighs 14 ounces, a perfect weight for a volleyball shoe. Although this is one of the lightest volleyball shoes in the market, the manufacturer did not compromise on the style, material, or size to achieve the recommended weight. What you get from the Adidas Ligra 5 is a good balance of all that should be present in a high-quality sports shoe.


Lateral & Ankle support

When looking for a good pair of shoes that will help you be at your best on the court, it is always important to consider the stability it offers. Volleyball requires lots of side-to-side movements and why stability is a crucial factor. This one comes with synthetic overlays for added support. This is a component that helps reduce the strain on your ankle during quick side-to-side movements. The last thing you want is to sprain your ankle during a crucial match.

Along with a great traction offered by this shoe, the midsole also plays a big role in ensuring the ball of your foot has maximum support. Ligra 5 has an extremely strong midsole that’s also flexible to avoid locking your feet in one position. If you happen to be a defender, you need to choose a pair of shoe that has excellent stability in all direction to help you hold your ground as you block shots.


Comfort & Fit

High comfort and a good fit is always the number one priority when looking for any type of shoe whether athletic or casual. There is no exception when it comes to Adidas volleyball shoes. The cushioned tongue and collar on this shoe is what makes it give players a good fit and comfort. Whether standing still, walking, running, or jumping, this cushioned shoe keeps you calm and lets you make all the movements. The in sole and the walls of the shoe hold your foot from all sides to stop it from moving inside the shoe. It still is able to bend naturally when on the ball of your foot so it fits snug but not tight.

Since volleyball entails a lot of running and jumping around, if you don’t have the best footwear then you may end up tiring your feet. However, the proper cushioning makes this shoe better than any other in the market. The cushioned tongue and collar are also able to absorb any shock applied on your feet after a high jump and take-offs.


Sometimes your feet can’t take long hours on the court. The struggle is real when the weather is hot and the court is sweaty. That’s why this Adidas men’s volleyball shoe is very breathable to maximize comfort. The air mesh upper lets in air to cool down the heated feet. The fact that it has the traditional lace-up closure allows you to adjust the laces according to the size of your foot. This component also allows you to keep your feet loose for breathability. What Adidas wanted was to create a volleyball shoe that keeps your feet cool and dry so that you can always perform at your peak while feeling great. What makes this shoe breathable is the airy synthetic, mesh, air vents and the moisture wicking materials. So, with that in mind, you now know what you are getting with this black Adidas volleyball shoes. There are also different colors to choose from. Make sure you pick one that matches your personality and your team uniform.