ASICS Gel-Blade 5 Review

If you have been searching for a high-quality court shoe, then the ASICS Gel-Blade 5 volleyball shoes men’s may be the shoe that you have been looking for. This shoe is designed for most court style sports such as badminton and racquetball, and volleyball. This shoe has many features that make it an ideal choice for the person that participates in a variety of court style sports. It is designed to be comfortable while allowing the wearer to move and change directions quickly without hurting your feet or allowing your foot to become displaced. ASICS have a history of providing the highest quality shoes that are designed to support your foot, and allow you to move the way that you need to perform your best. We will be reviewing the features of this product to help you determine if this is the right court shoe for your needs.


– A durable rubber sole that will allow you to gain traction right when you need it.

– The ASICS Gel-Blade 5 features a removable sole for your convenience.

– It features a stylish and modern design that you will love to wear to all of your court activities.

– The shoe contours to your feet for a perfect fit that will hug your foot and offer plenty of support.

– This shoe is constructed of the most durable, high-quality materials on the market.

The ASICS volleyball shoes men’s has plenty of features that make it a serious contender. It gives the wearer all the support that they need without becoming uncomfortable later on. It continues to give the performance that you need. It is also competitively priced and is a great value for the money ranging from $85 to $130.


– This shoe is attractive and well-made which makes it a good choice for your volleyball game, badminton, and other court sports.

– It has a specially designed arch and sole that help feet maintain the correct position while you move and stop suddenly.

– The shoe has a mesh construction on the top so that your feet can breathe to prevent overheating and sweat.

– The shoe size is true to standard so you don’t have to worry about the fit being off compared to standard shoe sizes.



– This shoe is not designed for basketball and a great deal of high jumping. It is great for all the other court sports.

– If you need high ankle support then this might not be the shoe for you because it is a low top design.

– This shoe is not made for jogging or running in the dirt and grass.

If you are buying a shoe for multiple purposes this might not be the shoe for you. It is not designed for outdoor activities so you would want to keep the use to the court exclusively. If you try to run or play basketball your shoe will not perform the way that shoes that are specially designed for those activities will. Foot placement is critical when it comes to playing sports. If you use the wrong shoe you will not only hurt your feet you could fall or twist your ankle, because your foot is not in the right position. Always choose the right shoe for the sport. Be sure that when you play volleyball you are not attempting to wear running shoes or cross trainers. The ASICS Gel-Blade 5 has all the features that you need to successfully play the court sports that you love and allow your feet to move in the way that they need to. You can stop suddenly and regain traction to change directions

ASICS shoes have a history of meeting and exceeding customer expectations. This shoe is no exception. the experts at ASICS carefully plan every detail of their shoes so that when you buy them you know to expect exceptional quality and performance. Another great selling point is the price. You are getting all the most desired features in a volleyball shoe for an incredible price. Some shoes that don’t even perform, as well as the Gel-Blade 5, are much more expensive. The company takes great pride in offering customers a great product for a price that everyone can appreciate. If you want to most for your money when you are shopping or a court sports shoe, then this might be the perfect shoe for your needs.

People that have bought the Gel-Blade 5 volleyball shoes men’s are praising the quality and durability. The shoe helps them to be the best at what they are doing. When you invest in a pair of these shoes, you will be excited about the way you can move around and the level of comfort that you will experience. When shopping for a pair of volleyball shoes you should seriously consider this shoe. It has everything to offer for a great price.