ASICS Women’s 1140 V Volleyball Shoe Review

ASICS Women’s 1140 V volleyball shoes are on of the latest updates to the popular ASICS one thousand V series. Since this new product was introduced to the market, it has won the heart of female volleyball players across the globe. It is not surprising that it has attracted worldwide attention, because the report from people who used this cheap Asics volleyball shoe indicates this it does not disappoint. When you use it, you are going to derive real value for your money and your time.

You should expect it is going to be an improvement from what the previous line of products in the 1000 V series from the same company offers. You can easily spot some differences and improvements from what is used to obtain in similar products. Here are some of the notable improvements you are going to enjoy if you are a female volleyball player.


Ventilated sole unit

The most important improvement in the ASICS Women’s GEL-1140V is the ventilated sole unit that is added to the shoe. This is a great improvement from what is used to be. It enhances the comfort of the players, because the ventilated sole admits more air inside the shoe, and this makes the shoes more breathable. When there is breathability, it means that players are going to be happy using the shoes, because less sweat will develop inside. Breathability is one of the factors that make a quality volleyball shoe.

New designed up

Another noticeable change is the upper part of the shoe has been redesigned. The redesigned upper part makes the shoes more comfortable to wear, and makes it to fit anybody who wears the shoes very well. The shoes are now more fashionable than they used to be, and also allows the shoes to be used for a number of outdoor and indoor court sports, in addition to volleyball. Moreover, the shoes are redesigned with performance enhancing materials. The shoe is more eye catching than the previous version and it can fits its users very well. Most importantly, it enhances the performance of its users.

Despite the high-end quality of the Asics women’s 1140 V, these are cheap Asics volleyball shoes priced in the $35 to $55 dollar range depending on your size and style selection.

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Rubber sole

It is composed of a natural rubber sole, and that is why the shoes are more durable and offers better traction for on the volleyball court.

Synthetic and mesh

This feature is unique to this shoe. The shoes are safe because it does not contain any dangerous chemicals that endanger the health of its users. This is a great advantage. The meshed upper part of the shoe ensures there is distribution of air across the product. The mesh makes the shoe to be more breathable.

The layering of the mesh does not only make the shoes very conducive to wear, it equally helps in controlling the interior climate of the shoe. This adds to the comfort of those shoes.

GEL cushioning system

It features GEL cushioning system. This is a great feature, because it can now absorb shocks more than other shoes. It takes the shock that emanates during the impact phase and then paves the way for smooth transmission of the shock and makes for stability. This is one of the most stable shoes in the volleyball shoe industry, and also has additional gel cushioning in the rear of the shoe to help alleviate additional impact.

Sock liner

The shoe features a removable sock liner. This makes it possible for orthotic patients to use the shoes. This makes the volleyball shoes the perfect product for everybody.

More natural rubber content

This volleyball shoes are also remarkably different from several others because of the large quantities of natural contents. It contains sufficient quantities of natural content rubber outsole. This is a compound, which is known all over the world to contain sufficient quantities of natural rubber. Because of this, you should expect that users are going to get better traction from this shoe more than what they can get from many other volleyball shoes.

Trusstic system

This makes the shoes lightweight because it cuts down on the weight of the sole and at the same retains the structural integrity, which the shoes are known for.

Lighter midsole

To ensure that the shoes are comfortable to use, it is fitted with a lighter midsole. This is lighter than several other shoes including previous brands from the same company. Moreover, the shoes are durable because of the SpEVA foam feature. This makes the shoes more durable and enhances the cushioning effect as well.

High quality

If you are looking for a volleyball shoe with quality, you are going to stick to the product because it remains a cheap Asics volleyball shoe for women but with superior technology incorporated to ensure the quality.


The shoes are highly affordable despite its superior quality. You are not going to empty your bank account to own one.


It is durable

It is breathable

It is comfortable

It is fashionable


Only few colors are available


It is obvious that this is the a high quality and cheap Asics volleyball shoe for women judging from the superior raw materials deployed in making them. The shoes are highly affordable, and they can serve for a long time. This shoe has great overall ratings of 4.5 out of 5 with 93% four star or higher and only 1% one star.

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