ASICS Women’s Gel Rocket 7 Volleyball Shoe Review

Discover the ASICS Women’s Gel Rocket 7 Volleyball Shoes with increased gum rubber for an enhanced traction and cushioning. A pair offers exceptional performance as they keep up with your every move on the court, no matter what kind of rough sport you are playing.

On top of that, these flexible shoes allow for quicker, more comfortable motions without worry of slipping and sliding. Go ahead and jump, dive, and run, the Gel Rocket 7 have got your back.

Volleyball Shoe Features

  • Shaft measures approximately 2.72″ from arch
  • Trusstic system reduces the weight of the sole unit while retaining the structure of the shoe
  • NC rubber outsole compound contains more natural rubber than traditional solid rubber for enhanced traction on court
  • Forefoot gel cushioning for reduced shock and impact
  • Textile/synthetic
  • Rubber soles
  • Come in various fun colors


In spite of being named volleyball shoes, the Gel Rocket 7 can be worn to play various other indoor and outdoor sports such as badminton, tennis, table tennis, pickleball, and even just to do your daily exercise. These offer sturdiness, stability, and support while still being soft and comfortable to wear—even after hours and hours of activity.

The well-cushioned soles and heels allow for more adventurous movements with its purpose of reducing shock during impact. Because of the outstanding arch support, a number of users recommend this to everyone, even to those with flat feet, which we all know need more arch in their sports shoes. You can also insert your own insoles. No pain, just comfortable steps all the way.

These volleyball shoes are lightweight, which makes for a much easier change in direction when needed while playing.

The Gel Rocket 7 offers mostly good and accurate sizing and it’s easy to take your pick online. Unlike other shoes, which can be a hassle when it comes to ordering your correct size, these usually come in standard, precise shoe sizes that will not make you have to play a guessing game. No need to go up or down from your actual size.

The shoes come in different color combinations that women of all ages can find attractive. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, you don’t have to be stuck with shoes that don’t aesthetically represent you. Being active in sports does not mean you can’t have your own style!

With affordable pricing, you don’t have to splurge on shoes that will fit snugly on your toes, arches, and heels, and provide great support.


You may need to have a break-in period when you first wear these, and this may cause some pain and soreness.

At least two people have commented that they needed to return their first purchases in exchange for a size that fits. This may happen here and there, but once you are able to get your hands on your correct size, they fit well and provides the support it advertises.

Two users have complained that the Gel Rocket 7 do not last very long. One of them observed that after about two weeks of playing volleyball using these shoes, the front started to fall apart. A quick fix with super glue or a visit to a shoe repair shop will easily solve this if you ever have this problem. Otherwise, it’s a pretty sturdy pair.

Against a great number of people praising its wearing comfortability, a customer said he/she felt uncomfortable wearing these. If you feel that your pair does not have sufficient padding in the soles, you can insert insoles for better cushioning.


Like the Gel Rocket 7, ASICS’ Women’s Gel Tactic Volleyball Shoe provides support with its gel cushioning system. What makes it more advantageous than the former is its toe guard and its more effective and efficient cushioning, as it is equipped with two layers of gel soles in the middle and rear bottoms of the shoes.

The Gel Tactic is a tad pricier than the Gel Rocket 7, but you get more bang for your buck. For this reason alone, we would personally get this instead, if you want something that ensures comfort and if you can spend just a little bit more.

Another pair of volleyball shoes from ASICS is the Women’s Gel Rocket 6. This would be the predecessor of the Gel Rocket 7, and comes with fewer color and design options. These are equipped with the same rubber sole and gel cushioning as the other two mentioned here.

The Gel Rocket 6 performs just as well as both, except it doesn’t offer double-layered cushioning. The Gel Rocket 7 would be a much more practical choice than this one in particular, if you don’t want to move up to the Gel Tactic Volleyball Shoe.