Best Shoes for Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendinitis is a form of injury that affects the Achille and the tendon tissues that join the calf muscles and the lower part of the back of the leg down to the heel bone. This injury affects people who are involved in vigorous activities like running or other intense cardiovascular activities. For you to be able to continue with your activities you need to buy the best shoes for Achilles tendinitis that will offer ample support to these areas of the feet. If you cannot avoid these workout activities or sports, it is vital that you use the correct shoes to avoid getting hurt.

Symptoms of Achilles tendinitis.

There are several symptoms associated with this injury and if you feel any of the following symptoms consult a doctor or a physical therapist.

  • Some of these signs include feeling pain on the upper part of the heel at the back of the leg after running or doing other cardio sports. Sometimes the pain may be too severe even when you are walking or climbing the stairs.
  • Stiffness or tenderness feel on the affected area, especially in the morning.
  • Sometimes you may have swollen feet.

The doctor may advise you to cut short your training especially if the effect is severe or you may be advised to use the appropriate shoes to prevent this injury.

Buying guide for the best Achilles Tendonitis shoes

  • The size

First, the most important thing to watch out for when buying your sports shoe is the fitting size. Buying a shoe number that is small may lead to your feet feeling uncomfortable that lead to the straining of the heel hence affecting the other parts of the leg. Make sure that you buy a sports shoe that is a good fit such that your feet will have an allowance to move. Remember if your feet are comfortable, you will not develop any injury.

  • The arch support

The sides and the length of the feet contain the tissues and muscles which are supposed to be supported by the shoes that you wear. Before you select any sports shoes, make sure the arch of the shoe covers your feet well, and your muscles are neither straining or not supported well to prevent yourself from getting injuries. If you are ordering the shoes online, take the measurements of these areas to make sure that you purchase the perfect arch fitting.

  • Focus on the sole

Choose the shoes whose soles are flexible and soft. This is because some activities like running and jumping require you to fold your foot sole and the heel and this can only be possible if you use a shoe that is foldable. Remember too much straining of your heel and general feet muscles will lead to the development of Achilles tendonitis. Make sure the shoe you wear folds when you fold your feet.

  • Cushioned inner sole

Select sports shoes with inner soles that are well cushioned with soft padding. The padding helps in lessening the landing impact of your feet when running or jumping ensuring that your feet muscles are secured and protected. The best filling to watch out for when buying your Achilles tendonitis shoes is the gel padding as it gives excellent results.

  • The height of the shoe

The best shoe to buy for Achilles tendonitis should have a height that reaches below ankle as this is the ideal height for protecting these muscles. The arch of the shoe covers these areas, and your movement is comfortable as well.

  • The toe box

This is another feature you need to pay attention when choosing the correct Achilles tendonitis shoes. Your toes need to have enough breathing space when you are running to avoid the formation of blisters or calluses due to the extended friction. Also, if your shoes are comfortable and well positioned in the shoe, you will have a right balance of the feet making your movements comfortable. Therefore, choose the shoes that have large toe box to keep your toes protected and safe.

  • The medium heel

Choose a shoe that has a medium heel to ensure that your feet are well balanced. Buying a shoe that has low heel may end up straining your feet, and high heel prevents the tendons and the muscles around the lower part of the feet from stretching hence causing the injuries.


Importance of having the best Achilles tendonitis shoes

There are a variety of benefits that one reaps for using the appropriate shoes. These shoes keep your feet comfortable and in the correct position such that even when you run for many hours, or you engage in cardio activities, your feet will not get injured.

Another importance of using these shoes is the fact that it protects and prevents the injuries from occurring again. Most of the times when people get diagnosed with this injury, they are recommended to use the Achilles tendonitis shoes to avoid the damage from happening once again.


Top ten best shoes for Achilles tendinitis


  1. Adidas Men’s Cloudfoam shoes

This is a great pair of sports shoes for those looking for quality shoes for Achilles tendinitis. The shoes are designed with the best and quality features which include; Mesh-like upper material that allows your feet to breathe freely and not get too sweaty.

The sole of the shoes is rubber which makes it light in weight hence making your movement easy and avoid straining your muscles. The heels of the shoes are designed and filled with both memory and cloud foam to provide stability and ensure your feet are well balanced and the feet landing impact is smooth. 


  • The shoes are quite comfortable, and light in weight is hence making them suitable for use in other workout routines apart from running.
  • The shoes are designed with cloud and memory foam filling which protects the feet from forming blisters.


  • The shoes cannot fit your actual shoe size, and therefore if you are buying online, you may consider purchasing a half size larger.
  • The shoes trap dirt pretty quick hence not advisable for dusty areas.


  1. ASICS Men’s Contend shoes

The sole is flexible and foldable making your general movement comfortable. The shoes are also designed with the front sock liner which absorbs sweat and provides support to the front part of your feet. The sole of the shoes is crafted with rubber for providing a firm grip when running or walking. You don’t have to worry about your ankle support with ASICS since the cutting is below the ankle to give optimum support to your ankle.


  • The shoes can be used for various activities such as running walking and jumping.
  • The shoes are designed in different widths for customers to select from depending on their feet size and comfort.
  • The upper part of the shoes consists of breathable material that prevents your feet from sweating hence allowing free flow of air.  


  • The sole of the shoes are a bit thin, and therefore you may consider wearing thick socks.


  1. Sketcher Sports Shape-Ups XT Comfort Sneakers

The sketcher sneakers have excellent features for people with tendinitis. For example, the sole of the sneakers is designed with a rubber rocker bottom to provide comfort for the user. For durability purposes, the outer layer is designed with synthetic leather. One way to protect your legs from getting Achilles tendonitis is by wearing sports shoes that have cushioned midsole to bring about the right balance on your feet, and sketcher sneakers have just that. The shoes are versatile as you can wear them when working out or for leisure activities like going out with your buddies.


  • The midsole is cushioned to ensure your feet are well protected and balanced.
  • The shoes are durable since the outer part is made of synthetic leather.
  • They are comfortable and versatile too.  


  • The shoes are not recommended for runners since the outer material is made of leather.
  • The shoes are a bit heavy as compared to other sports shoes.


  1. Puma Cell Riaze Cross Training shoes

These shoes are essential for training mainly by women, and some the best features incorporated in the shoes include the padded tongue and the shoe color that offers extreme support to your feet. The rubber sole present makes it easy and possible for one to have a firm grip when running. The shoe is also versatile since you can wear them when going out for other activities like shopping and so on. The shoes are light in weight enabling one to wear them for long hours with tendinitis.


  • The shoes are designed with excellent features for comfort.
  • The shoes are also versatile since you can wear them when running your usual errands.  


  1. New Balance M1540 Running shoes

Just like the name suggest the shoes are ideal for running and other vigorous training activities, and for relief with Achilles tendinitis. The upper layer is designed with mesh material to allow excellent breathability and ensure your feet remain cool. The shoes have a long collar that protects your ankle from twisting when running.

The sole is rubber, and the shoes are light in weight too.


  • The shoes have a rubber sole for smooth movement and grip of the feet.
  • It is comfortable and safe since it is designed with a collar that protects the ankle from twisting.  


  1. Brooks Ravenna 8, Men and Women MSRP Shoes

These are excellent training and running shoes for those have had Achilles tendonitis injuries before. The shoes are designed for both men and women since they come in different width sizes. Some of the excellent features that are incorporated in these shoes include the upper tongue that protects the upper part of the feet hence preventing unnecessary movements of the feet. The shoes are also durable due to the presence of Bio-Moco DNA that protects the mid sole to ensure the shoes have stability when one is running.


  • The shoes are quite comfortable because they have a caterpillar pad that ensures the heel and the toes are well aligned.
  • The shoes are designed with an upper tongue to hold your feet in a good position and prevent injuries.  


  • The shoes are not suitable for long distance runs since they are a bit heavy.


  1. Asics Gel Nimbus Running shoes

These shoes are quite comfortable since they are created with gel padding on both front and the back of the shoes. They are ideal for a variety of exercises such as running, walking, and help with Achilles tendinitis. The shoes are designed with Asics flat foam technology that provides a firm support and allows free movement of the feet. The soles of the shoes are foldable making your running easy.


  • The shoes are suitable for runners and people with tendinitis since they are comfortable to wear.
  • The shoe’s sole is flexible allowing your feet to move freely.  


  • The shoe soles are thin hence require you to wear thick socks.


  1. Dr. Comfort Ranger Therapeutical Extra Depth Hiking Boots

Sports like running or jumping are not the only activities that can lead to Achilles tendonitis injuries. Other activities like hiking and mountain climbing can cause the same hence the need to wear the best shoes for these events. Dr. Comfort is an excellent pair of shoes that are made with comfortable and feet support features. The upper part of the shoes has a strap that provides support to your ankle and the area around the Achilles tendons. The inner part of the shoe is padded to provide support to your feet while the outer part has leather for durability purposes.


  • The shoes are quite comfortable.
  • Durable since the outer part consists of leather material.  


  • The shoes are not suitable for running or other jumping activities.


  1. DiaResc Lace-up Orthotic Comfort Shoes

These shoes are designed with removable inner soles which allows you to insert medical recommended orthotics. They are quite comfortable since they are created with an extra depth for your ankle and Achilles tendons to sit comfortably. The shoes are recommended for people with Achilles tendonitis and other medical problems like the poor circulation of blood in extremities.


  • The soles are removable in the case where you wish to insert medical orthotics.
  • They are quite comfortable and allows an excellent flow of blood to your feet.  


  • The shoes are not ideal for physical activities like running or hiking.


  1. Clark’s Portland 2 Tie Casual Shoes

The shoes are quite comfortable since the soles are designed with leather material while the outer part is leather you can wear them to the office or when going out. The outer part has a mesh-like pattern that allows your feet to breathe well. They also provide an arch support to your ankle and the Achilles tendons.


  • The shoes are versatile since you can wear them for different occasions.
  • They are comfortable to walk with and offers high support to your feet.  


  • The shoes are not suitable for sports activities.



If you are searching for the best Achilles tendonitis shoes for various activities, then the above-discussed shoes are the best to buy. Follow the buyer’s guide when choosing a pair to make sure you purchase the correct shoes. Also, focus on the activities you want to perform with the shoes since some shoes are not meant for some activities.