Mizuno Lightning Star Z JNR BK-SL Volleyball Shoe Review

What happens when you want a top-quality shoe for taking on your sporting activities such as girls volleyball, or pairs that are perhaps appealing enough for your casual wear needs? Well, an excellent recommendation for you would be to consider the Mizuno Lightning Star Z JNR BK girls volleyball shoes as the ideal place to start for your shoe search regime. It’s important to note that, since the advent of the first volleyball shoes to ever hit the consumer market, the typical feature set of some of these things has been improving and is nowadays outstanding. We have come across a broad spectrum of notable upswings, especially when it comes to overall shoe design features and the aesthetic appeal. Some of the most common improvements we have seen include enhanced ventilations, breathable upper mesh design, non-marking outsoles, and superior material design quality, among various other notable features. In some sense, these girls volleyball shoes have gone from being contemporary fads in the sporting industry, to excellent additions for those who want a comfortable and appealing shoe for everyday casual wear.


Breathable Air Mesh design and convenient lace system

Perhaps the first important features of these volleyball shoes are they come with a special air mesh design that is meant for excellent ventilation. To be specific, the patented designs of the air mesh found on this shoe guarantee optimal ventilation especially during intense workouts, but to also add to the overall aesthetic appeal of this unit. Unlike the conventional shoe design that is often uncomfortable and difficult to use for extensive duration, the Mizuno Lightning Volleyball Shoe is ideal for extensive use due to the special air mesh upper design. In some sense, the superior air mesh design reduces the need for taking off your shoe even in hot weather conditions and it also helps to mitigate the effects of blisters. These Mizuno girls volleyball shoes also have a simple to use lacing system, thereby making it simple to put on and take off the shoe. Thus, these shoes are ideal for volleyball players or perhaps users who engage in demanding outdoor or workout regime.

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Rubber sole and superior material construction

Besides that, another notable feature of these shoes is that it features a special rubber sole design that is not only meant for optimal comfort, but it also provides sufficient durability for your unique shoe applications. To be specific, the rubber sole that is available with this shoe makes it excellent for various types of outdoor conditions including rugged terrains, indoor workouts or perhaps for casual wear as well. These Mizuno shoes also come with superior material construction that guarantees sufficient protection for almost any weather type or conditions. Whether it’s rainy or sunny, these shoes will provide a comfortable ventilated fit for your needs. Furthermore, the special nylon material provides long lasting durability results for your needs.

Dynamotion Groove and Non-marking outsole

Further lending to its superior design features is that these shoes come with a special dyna-motion groove lets you stand out with style. The Dynamotion Groove is an excellent symbol for high-quality shoes and communicates value as well. Furthermore, the non-marking outsole design helps to mitigate the effects of any marks that may damage your floors. In fact, unlike the conventional shoe design that often leaves stains and marks on your floor, the Mizuno Lighting Star Z JNR guarantees no marks. It’s important to note that hard and stiff soles will often lead to scuff marks and lines on concrete or even tiled floors. For this reason, these Mizuno volleyball shoes are better than the conventional shoe due to their unique design features.

Foot cushioning and impact guidance design

The special interior design of these shoes are meant to provide the ideal shock absorption thereby reducing the impact for volleyball players or even outdoor enthusiasts. The proprietary cushioning system design provides sufficient comfort without adding any weight or perhaps causing any compromise on the durability of the shoe. In fact, the manufacturers of this shoe further demonstrate their affinity for excellent with the special gait from the heel strike to toe off to guarantee a comfortable fit for almost any type of user. The ability to bounce back with sufficient cushioning is also essential. For this reason, the Mizuno Star Z JNR shoes guarantee excellent cushioning with reduced weight and without causing any compromise on the overall durability of the shoe.


l These shoes are extremely comfortable

l The Mizuno Star Z JNR volleyball shoes have an appealing design

l These shoes have a breathable upper mesh for optimal ventilation

l The rubber sole is excellent for all type of floor surfaces and terrains


l The interior sole padding may require replacement

l The shoe laces are susceptible to damage

Frequently asked question

What size should I buy for my daughter that is a 6.5 in women?

I wear a 7.0, and I purchased a 6.5 for her. The fit just fine and are also comfortable.


Given all these points, when it comes to choosing an excellent shoe that suits your needs, then there is no space for poor decision-making or insufficient improvisation on your part as the user. Making perceptive and appropriate choices has its inherent benefits each time. Simply put, you are sure of purchasing a shoe that is not only comfortable, but you are also sure of acquiring one that is appealing and provides long lasting results. Therefore, the Mizuno Lightning Star Z JNR BK girls volleyball shoes might just be the next best place for you to kick start your search for an impressive shoe.

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