Mizuno Wave Bolt 6 Review

Volleyball is a seriously competitive sport that requires the right footwear in order to perform your best. The Mizuno Women’s Wave Bolt 6 are the best Mizuno Volleyball shoes for the athlete that is serious about their performance during the game. These women’s volleyball shoes are specially designed to conform to the lateral movement that is required during a game. The construction is durable and can handle the quick movements that players make without slipping or tearing easily. This particular model is one of the top choices for volleyball players that demand quality and performance from their shoes. Mizuno has been making quality shoes for over 100 years and continues their tradition by providing one of the best athletic shoes on the market.


– The Mizuno Wave Bolt 6 is made with a combination of materials which are both synthetic and textile. They promote air circulation within the shoe while providing sturdy support for quick directional changes during play. Their rubber sole grips surfaces and promotes a wide range of motion, which help players perform their best during a volleyball game.

– This shoe features a Dura Shield toe guard that helps players with pivoting and quick directional changes which place pressure on the toe area of the shoe. This area is designed to handle to weight and pressure that the toes area endures during volleyball.

– The top and side parts of the shoe are made from a breathable mesh material that allows air to flow inside of the shoe to help keep feet cool and dry during a volleyball match. Without the mesh, feet can get sweaty and not hold traction inside of the shoe which can inhibit performance.

– Specially designed insoles help players keep their traction without the material rolling or pinching in the shoes. This design allows the player to participate in a full range of motions including sudden stops and starts in comfort for better performance.

Playing volleyball is a high impact and fast paced sport that has intense physical demands on both players and their equipment. That is why selecting the best Mizuno volleyball shoes is so important. Their shoes are specially designed to handle the demands that volleyball shoes must meet in order to support and excel a player’s performance during a game. They have a durable construction that is reinforced in areas that see the most stress and pressure such as the toe and the insole of the shoe. The insole conforms to the shape of the foot and holds it firmly in place without rolling up inside of the shoe or folding over, which can throw a player’s balance off and cause falls and injuries. Injuries are common in volleyball, and they are usually attributed to the feet and legs. In many cases, those injuries can stem from unevenly distributed pressure from a poorly made shoe, or it can be caused from the shoe malfunctioning. A malfunctioning shoe can cause serious injuries such as torn muscles and broken bones in more severe instances. The Mizuno Wave Bolt 6 has well thought out safety features to help ensure that the players can perform their best without having to worry about their shoes being able to protect their feet and hold up to the extreme demands.

Aside from the safety of the shoe, they player needs to be concerned with airflow to help prevent the inside of the shoe from holding moisture in and on the feet. Excess moisture can not only cause a volleyball player to slip inside of their shoe, it can cause bacteria and mold to grow inside of the shoe. When this happens, it can cause infections and yeast growth that can become a serious issue over time. The Mizuno Wave Bolt 6 has mesh construction on the top and sides of the shoe that allow air to easily pass in and out of the shoe while the wearer is in motion. This keeps the feet cooler and drier and prolongs the life of the shoe. Another excellent feature that makes this shoe stand out is the well-designed sole. The sole conforms to the shape of the foot and has deep grooves that grip the ground and help the athlete stop quickly and start again just as quickly. The design of the sole helps to improve performance while playing and is made of high-quality rubber that is going to last for a long time. That is just another reason why this model is the best Mizuno volleyball shoes.

Not only are these shoes designed for performance, but they are also stylish and look great while you are wearing them. They have an up-to-date modern look that will stand out on the volleyball court. You get so much for the money with these shoes, and that make them and excellent buy for the money. They are even priced very well, so they won’t break the bank. The excellent design and durability also mean that you are not going to have to buy another pair in the near future. You may be tempted to select another brand, but you may end up wasting your money on a pair that does not have an incredible reputation that Mizuno Wave Bolt 6 does. If you are serious about volleyball and care about the safety and performance of your shoe, then you should invest in the Mizuno Wave Bolt 6. You will be able to play seriously without having to worry about the durability and the safety of the shoes, and with a name as highly regarded as Mizuno, you know that you are getting quality.