Volleyball shoes vs Tennis Shoes: What to look for in each one.

If you or your family members are participating in any type of sport today, it is important that you do your homework well in advance. Wearing the right type of gear is not a luxury that simply makes people look good, but it is necessary for the overall safety of the person that is playing the sport. People should make sure they know exactly what they should wear when they are engaging in these activities. Finding the best choices for games like volleyball and tennis can take time to research, because each of these sports are different in the way that they are played. You should know what kind of shoes that should be worn in both practice and in the real games too. For instance, one area that everyone should pay close attention to involves the subject of volleyball shoes vs tennis shoes. Even though some of these shoes may look similar or the same to the average onlooker, there are some vast differences that distinguishes them one from the other.

First of all, it is very important to note that volleyball requires each player to perform movements that are unique to this specific sport. Volleyball games require each player to have a lot of power, while also being very agile, and the shoes worn during these times must support these activities well. When choosing volleyball shoes the design of these shoes require solid support for these actions as well as the player’s safety. There are distinguishing characteristics that cater to what each player needs when they are on the court. With that being said, here are some specific areas that can help people to understand the differences between volleyball shoes vs tennis shoes.

Soles of the Shoe

Dissimilar to the regular tennis shoes, a pair of volleyball shoes is constructed with gum rubber soles. Gum rubber soles are used in order to facilitate and promote better traction on the court. Just like playing on a basketball court, volley ball shoes have been made to prevent athletes from sliding on its hard surface. Also, because a volleyball player does not really stops abruptly when playing, there is really no need for the soles of a volley ball shoe to be heightened with extra traction.

Weight Requirements – volleyball shoes vs tennis shoes

When an individual is doing their research to see how to understand the differences between each type of athletic shoe, they will also find that there are substantial distinctions in the weight requirements. For instance, whenever you are looking to purchase a quality made pair of volley ball shoes for the games you find out you will need a light weight shoe, specifically as it compares to other athletic shoes. With the lighter weight volleyball shoe, the player’s speed and agility is enhanced greatly during these games. This is also why these shoes are primarily made of materials like mesh and synthetic leather instead of genuine leather materials. On the other hand, when the individual is in the market for buying a good quality made tennis shoe, they will find that these athletic shoes tend to weigh much more than the average athletic shoe. For example, tennis shoes or running shoes are made of materials that promote stability, while also having quite a bit of cushion to support the player’s feet.

Midsoles Requirements -volleyball shoes vs tennis shoes

The midsole of the shoe will also help to determine the primary characteristics of the athletic performance shoes. This is because both shoes will vary greatly in this area too. Typically, volleyball shoes are made to promote easy movement when the player is moving rapidly from one side of the court to another. The movements made must also be safe in performance so that the player does not injure themselves. Therefore, when manufacturers make this shoe, they will focus on ensuring the midsole supports the ball of the player’s feet, especially because the ball of the feet is where the player usually spends most of their time. Additionally, when the volleyball player has a quality made midsole, it will also help to improve their overall performance while eliminating the higher possibilities of injuring themselves because these midsoles will absorb most or all of the shock.

While the volleyball shoe is meant to support the ball of the feet, this is not necessarily true at all for the tennis player. Therefore, when tennis shoes are made, they do not have all of the support of the volleyball shoes in the midsole because the support for the ball of the feet is not required, because most of these games are played with forward motion.


Though there are a number of different ways to tell the differences between volleyball shoes and tennis shoes, one of the most notable and reliable is the price that players are required to pay. Therefore, when a player is considering the amount of money that they will be required to pay for a good quality shoe, they can compare the ranges of both. Based on information from several reputable sites, the price range for each are as follows:

Volleyball shoes vs tennis shoes is a topic that is quite common among people who play different types of sports. Since each sport requires different features in a shoe to support that specific type of sport, the manufacturers are designing their shoes to accommodate the same. Fortunately, there is quite a bit of information online that discloses and explains the differences between each. Some of the most important distinctions include the difference in soles of the shoe, the midsoles, the weight of the shoe and the price that people are required to pay for a good quality made tennis or volleyball shoe.