Asics Men’s Gel-Game 5 Review

The new Gel-Game 5 Men’ shoes from Asics are equipped with the latest technology, and it is the best fit for people who are looking for high-performance shoes at an affordable price range. These Asics gel volleyball shoes not only look attractive and stylish but are also designed to make you feel comfortable and trouble-free, even when you wear them for long hours at a stretch.



If there is one company that has been manufacturing new models of shoes with sophisticated technology, at a competitive price range, it has to be the Japanese brand of Asics. The Men’s Gel-Game 5 volleyball shoe is one of them. Due to its creativity, it has been creating quite a scare for some of the big names in the industry. Let us now see some of the interesting features of these Asics gel volleyball shoes:

  • Comes with Forefoot Gel Cushioning System, which ensures that your feet can absorb shock better when you are moving with great force
  • Enabled with Trusstic System due to which your sole is lightweight and enables you to move with greater agility in any sport that you play; though the weight of the sole is reduced, there is no compromise on the overall structural elegance of the shoe
  • Comes with PG Guard Toe Protector; therefore, you can rest assured knowing that you will not experience blisters, redness or swelling on your toes even when you wear these shoes for long hours
  • Packed with user-friendly features like Solid Rubber Outsole, synthetic leather and upper layer covered with mesh to give more air for your toes to breathe and feel comfortable
  • Comes in five colour ranges – White & Black, White & Chinese Red, Methyl Blue, Orange & Lime, Onyx, White & Atomic Blue and Onyx, Flash Yellow & Flash Orange
  • Price starts from $40 onwards
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  • Perfect combination of comfort, durability, stability and affordability
  • Enables in overall foot movement increased speed & agility and improved flexibility when you are playing any sport
  • Complete relief from toe pain, blisters, heaviness, sole aches and more, thanks to the effective technology packed in these gel shoes
  • Perfect for tennis and volleyball players who spend long hours on the court, as it is embedded with cushioned support


  • Very narrow design; therefore suited only for those people who have narrow toes
  • Some people have reported cases of their toes or heel coming off within a short span

Bottom Line

Any sports shoe should make you comfortable first. While the padded cushions, effective sole and other technological innovations do make these Asics Gel Volleyball Shoe Game 5 shoes quite attractive, you should remember that its design is quite narrow. If you have slightly bigger toes than the average person, you may feel uncomfortable in these shoes, irrespective of the all sophisticated technological features that they are packed with. Look through some of our other reviews if you don’t have narrow feet to see what may be another good option for you. The shoes do have a high overall rating of 4 out of 5 with 71% over 4 stars. Most of the lower ratings are folks who definitely felt the shoes were to narrow.

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