A bunion is a painful swelling that develops on the first joint of the big toe. It is mainly caused by the warping of the said joint, chiefly due to hereditary reasons. This warping interferes with the alignments of the remaining toes and also impedes free movements.

Of all the various intervention mechanisms that may be adopted to mitigate it, nothing beats the special shoes for bunions. The gist of this whole review is centered on the various factors that you may consider while shopping for the best shoes for bunions. It also endeavors to identify and briefly review the top 24 bunion shoes, twelve for men and twelve for women.


Identified and explained below are some of the factors to consider or areas you may have to pay keen attention to while choosing the right shoe for bunions:



The right shoe has to be the right size or fit. This simply means that its dimensions have to be large enough to accommodate the entire feet. On the flipside, it should not be too large as to leave out plenty of room. As a matter of fact, you are strongly advised to settle on a pair of shoes that have at least 1/2-inch of space in between your toes and the shoe top. This is to guarantee you the comfort you require to utilize the shoes seamlessly. It is also to allow your feet to expand and contract unhindered in response to variations in the external weather patterns.



This basically refers to the various distinctive attributes of the shoes themselves. The shoe of choice has to possess as many elegant features as possible. This is to provide the comfort and convenience you need to fully leverage its benefits. Some of the key features that the shoe of choice has to possess are soft padding, toe spacers, and excellent arch support, among others. Alternatively, the right shoe need not necessarily have these features built-in them. However, such a shoe has to have the ability to accommodate them. Take your time to go through the specifications of each shoe for your consideration. Then proceed to settle on that which has as many of these features as possible.


Intended Use

What exactly do you intend to use the shoes for? Are you planning to wear them for official business? Are you intending to use them for exercise and fitness? Are you planning to use them for general walking and leisure? It is imperative that you clearly delineate the purpose for which you intend to devote your shoe of choice for. This will guide you in identifying the other features that equally matter. It will also aid you in determining the strength and endurance of the shoes you need. Lastly, it will also help you in identifying the entire duration of time you may genuinely utilize the shoes once you have acquired them.


Shape and Anatomy of your Feet

Each person’s feet are uniquely shaped and designed. This means that a shoe that may be compatible with the feet of person A may not necessarily be compatible with the feet of person B. It is, therefore, a matter of importance that you ascertain the unique shape and anatomy of your feet. This is to ensure that the shoe you eventually settle on is as compatible with your feet as can be. This is also to avoid worsening the already dire situation. Bunions have a tendency to interfering with the alignment of the feet and inflicting untold pains.


Recommended by Podiatrists

The shoe of choice has to be ideally recommended and endorsed podiatrists. Podiatrists are health care practitioners who specialize in the study and treatment of feet conditions. These people are better placed at recommended footwear because of their experience in the same field. A shoe that is recommended and endorsed by them has all the qualities needed. Such a shoe is less likely to inflict further pain and damages to your feet. They also have a comparatively longer lifespan, which means you may rely on them to grant you the benefits you require. Lastly, such a shoe is also a worthy purchase in the sense that it takes away the unnecessary guesswork and delivers to you only those traits and functionalities you so desire.



Feet generally expand when heated or in times of higher external environmental temperatures. They also contract during periods of lower temperatures. Other than that, they are also prone to dislocations especially in a moment of exercising. To ensure their overall comfort throughout use, the shoe of choice has to be stretchable. This means that the shoes must have that ability to expand and contract accordingly in response to the changes in the size of the feet. This way, the fit and comfort needed to enjoy the benefits of the shoes shall be guaranteed at all times. This trait also prevents problems that are associated with sagging such as slip offs and falling off of shoes.


Height and Soles

For the shoes to provide the needed stability, they have to be as low-heeled as possible. A low heeled shoe is less prone to slip-offs. It is also stable enough by reason of its center of gravity being as close to the ground as possible. This trait is particularly useful in case the shoes are to be utilized for intense physical exercises. Closely related to this, are the soles themselves. The soles have to be very flat. Flatness makes them capable of remaining firm and stable even in wet or muddy conditions. The soles have also to be as strong as possible to guarantee long-term reliability.


Material Composition

Which materials are the shoes made of? How durable or delicate are these materials? Can these materials guarantee that the shoes may be relied on in the long run? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before settling on the right pair of shoes. Indeed, the best shoe for bunions under this consideration has to be made of very durable materials. The upper parts of the shoes should be made primarily of leather. The soles, on the other hand, ought to be made of soft materials that are easier to cope with. Hard and tough materials will inflict damage to your floor and should hence be avoided.


Stitching and Construction Methods

The manner in which the various constituent materials and components are stitched together also matters. A good pair of shoes must be thoroughly stitched. This is to be certain that they won’t tear away or wear out unnecessarily. It is also necessary to guarantee the overall life expectancy of the shoes altogether. Some of the recommended stitching patterns that should subsequently be given top priority include the reinforcing rivets, gussets, and the Goodyear Welt construction.


Miscellaneous Factors

As a general rule, you are to avoid shoes that are sharp-pointed, narrow, or extremely tight. That’s because sharp points may predispose you and others in your households to unnecessary injuries. Narrow shoes may contribute to more pain and deny your feet the room they require to expand, whereas extremely tight shoes may exacerbate the pain you already feel as the result of the bunions.



  1. Orthofeet 465 Men’s Comfort Diabetic Therapeutic Extra Depth Shoe

Topping the list of men’s bunion shoes is this Orthofeet 465. It is packed with a range of features that are designed to enhance the comfort of your feet. These are the orthotic support, lightweight design, extra depth construction, and leather upper, to mention but a few!

You stand to reap several benefits by opting to settle on this specific shoe. These include freedom from all foot-related disorders. Among them are the arch pains, arthritic feet, and Morton’s Neuroma. Your feet are also given the room to expand and contract at will. 


  1. Orthofeet Sprint Comfort Orthopedic Plantar Fasciitis Diabetic Men’s Sneakers Velcro

Equipped with a host of elegant features, this is the right shoe for you, in case you are infested with bunions. It comprises the ergonomic-stride(TM) design, lightweight soles with air cushioning, and padded heel-seats. It is designed to generally conform to your feet’s contours and is also engineered to provide the best designs for athletic shoes.

With this shoe, you may anticipate accruing reduced pressure on bunions, enhanced comfort, and greatly alleviated pains at the feet, heels, knees, hips and the lower back. What’s more? It also aids in the management of diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis!  


  1. Baton Rouge Comfort Arch Support Orthopedic Men’s Diabetic Boat Shoes

This by far the most comfortable and handiest of all the shoes under this review. This stems from the fact that it is packed with a range of top-notch features. Among them being ergonomic-stride(TM) design, non-binding upper, extra depth, wide toe box, soft and seam-free interior lining, and foam padding.

You stand to reap a range of health benefits. These include but are certainly not limited to enhanced stability, unhindered motion, zero pressure on the bunions, less pressure on your joints, maximum protection to sensitive feet, and unequaled comfort. It also has the ability to provide anatomical arch support and is hence healthy to wear.  


  1. Propet Men’s Max Oxford

Featuring an impressive synthetic sole, this shoe is a perfect combination of full-grain leather and stretchable suede. It comprises a padded collar, soft tongue, and rubber outsole, among other stylish features. On the whole, the shoe is very durable.

Among the several benefits, you stand to gain from it are cushioned traction, unparalleled comfort, and adequate protection to your sensitive feet. The shoe also exemplifies a stylish exterior. As such, it grants you the added benefit of enhanced aesthetics. Its manufacturer is also famed for producing high-end products. You thus stand to derive the benefits of prestige and class. 


  1. Comfort Performance-X Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Double Depth Shoe leather/mesh lace-up

Engineered with classic craftsmanship and sophisticated style, this shoe is indeed ultimate protection against all injuries. On the whole, it is very light in weight and is enclosed in an elastic closure. It comprises extra depth that measures 11/16-inches.

Though intended purely for casual wear, this shoe provides you the dual benefits of style and protection. It encloses your feet completely to shield it from pebbles and harsh external environmental conditions. At the same time, it is soft enough to offer you the comfort you require to walk effortlessly. Moreover, it is spacious enough to grant your feet the freedom to expand and contract at will. This is the shoe of choice for stubborn bunions.


  1. Apis Mt. Emey 728-E Bunion Men’s Therapeutic Extra Depth Shoe Lycra Velcro

Managing bunions effective requires plenty of other co-operant factors besides the right shoe. These include soft padding, insoles, fittings, and cushions. This shoe has the ability to accommodate as many of these extra accessories as possible. It is thus your best bet for the mitigation of the condition.

The key benefits you stand to accrue from it are decreased friction, appropriate care for the sensitive portions of the feet, and better care for the severe forms of bunions. It also has the ability to mitigate several other feet conditions such as severe edema, ankle foot, and orthotics, to name but a few! 


  1. Dr. Comfort Men’s Patrick Chestnut Diabetic Boat Shoes

Nicely-stitched, made of genuine leather, lightweight, and featuring breathtaking appearance, this is the best shoes for effective feet protection. It is primarily designed for general leisure and casual wear. It has therapeutic traits though. This stems from its ability to effectively mitigate a vast array of foot conditions.

Indeed this shoe gives you the ammunition to combat bunions, arthritis, Hammertoes, flat feet and so on. Other than being able to combat the aforementioned conditions, it also gives you the freedom to put them on wherever you so wish. They are very durable and able to withstand harsh terrains perfectly well. 


  1. Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear Men’s Liberty Slip Resistant Gray Leather Tennis Shoe

Are you a sporting enthusiast? Do you have bunions or any other foot condition? Would you still wish to exercise notwithstanding those issues? If you answered yes to any of the questions, then these shoes are yours for the taking.

They feature padded heels, collar, and tongue. They also have Forefoot EVA cushioning, built-in Z-Orthotic, and wide toe box. They are also made of genuine leather. You should expect maximum comfort, secure plantar ligaments, reduced irritations, and adequate accommodation of the curves of your feet. For these reasons, you stand to enjoy. 


  1. Dr. Comfort Carter Men’s Casual Shoe

Are you a lover of luxury, style, and comfort? Do you have any foot condition that requires specialized attention? This is the shoe you have been looking for all along, in case your answers to both questions are ‘yes’.

It is basically aimed at exuding therapeutic benefits. This is by reason of it being equipped with many protective and comfortable features. Chief among these is its ability to accommodate internal braces and AFO’s. It is also lighter in weight, is washable, and comprises seamless and padded linings. This shoe is your perfect solution for severe edema, bunions, and hammertoes. 


  1. Z-CoiL Pain Relief Footwear Men’s Liberty Slip Resistant Gray Leather Tennis Shoe

In case you have severe bunions, you may want a pair of shoes that are very comfortable. This is to enable you to walk around unhindered. This shoe is made for this very purpose in mind.

It comes along with a revolutionary and patented pain relief feature. It also has a built-in rigid orthotic. These two give your feet the great stability and support they need to perform optimally. The shoe also contains spring coils beneath the heel. These spring coils act like a shock absorber. They reduce the pressure on your bones, muscles, and joints. Moreover, it is entirely made of full grain soft leather that conforms to every curve of your foot. 


  1. Apis Mt. Emey 718 Bunion Men’s Therapeutic Extra Depth Shoe Lycra Velcro

When bunions are in their moderate stages, they require very tender care. This is to prevent any further complications and increased pain. This is the right shoe for this feat.

It has wider openings for easier insertion and withdrawal of the feet. It can also accommodate plenty of removable inserts. Its interior is lined with a seamless lining that decreases friction considerably. Moreover, its upper part is made of the Lycra Stretchable fabric.

The shoe enables you to handle the moderate bunions perfectly well by reason of being stretchable, comfortable, frictionless, and absorbent. Apart from moderate bunions, the shoe also mitigates severe Hammertoes and other feet deformities. 


  1. Altra Men’s Paradigm 3 Running-Shoes

Do you love running or jogging? Do you have bunions or other feet-related conditions? If you said yes, then you should consider acquiring this shoe right away. It is specifically meant for persons of your kind, as shall be seen in the review that follows.

It does have rubber sole fully-cushioned zero-drop platform and a patented FootShape toe box platform. It is generally manufactured with the aim of improving the natural foot positioning and toe splay. It is also extremely comfortable and offers great fit regardless of the shape of your feet. You can, therefore, run and run and run without having to worry at all about the condition of your foot. 



  1. FootSmart Stretchables Gina Pumps

Topping the list of the women’s bunion shoes is this FootSmart Stretchables Gina Pumps. Its upper is made of stretch synthetic leather. A stretch topline, molded polyurethane insole, thermoplastic rubber outsole, synthetic sockliner, and stretch fabric upper lining, are some of its other key features.

With this shoe, you stand to accrue the benefits of excellent shock absorption, the flexibility of the feet, reduced rubbing and irritation, and reduced injuries to the bunions. Its design and appearance make it suited for office wear. This is the shoe to settle on in case you are a working class. 


  1. Orthofeet Coral Women’s Comfort Orthopedic Arthritis Diabetic Orthotic Sneakers

Next is this Orthofeet Coral Women’s Orthotic Sneakers. It features an ergonomic-stride(TM) design, much like its counterparts. It also has a non-binding upper, extra-depth design, and a wider toe box, among other graceful features. It is on the whole stable, durable, reliable, and easy to clean and maintain.

This shoe allows you to handle and manages bunions pretty effectively. It is also great for persons that suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and hammertoes. Given that it is also comfortable and aesthetic in appearance, you may as well utilize it for official office use. 


  1. Padders Women’s Sue Stretchable Bunion Relief Mary Jane Shoe (Black)

Do you want to look and feel good even with bunions in your feet? If yes, then you should consider purchasing this shoe. It is principally intended for the lovers of style, elegance, and fashion but who nonetheless have bunions.

This is made possible by a combination of several features. These include combination leather, stretchable fabric upper, heel-to-toe cushioned insole, and a durable non-skid molded sole. Handling the shoe is further simplified by the adjustable over in-step Velcro straps. On the whole, the shoe is comfortable, soft, and very reliable. Padders Feel Good Feet, the manufacturer of this shoe is well known for producing high-quality products. By settling on this shoe, you also stand to derive the benefit of added prestige and class. 


  1. Comfort Women’s Spirit Black Diabetic Athletic Shoes

When bunions advance in intensity, they become extremely painful and also have the potential to inflict untold pain. This calls for a pair of shoe that is very comfortable and quite capable of mitigating these impacts. That’s where this particular shoe comes in.

Comprising full top-grain leather trainer, an arch stabilizer, and a unique no-tie elastic lace, this shoe is the ultimate solution to the bunion menace. It offers enhanced support, fits tightly, and provides complete enclosure to your feet. It is also able to manage bunions effectively as well as a range of other feet conditions. These include arthritis and Neuropathy. 


  1. InStride Nellie III Women’s Comfort Therapeutic Extra Depth Casual Shoe Lycra Velcro

One of the key parameters that determine the suitability of a shoe for bunions is its endorsement by a podiatrist, as has been stated. This shoe goes beyond that requirement. It is actually designed and developed in conjunction with Pedorthists, Podiatrists, and other medical and shoe manufacture specialists.

It comes along with a custom-fit feature that basically allows your feet to fit in even under the most severe conditions. The comfort it exudes is incomparable. This comes in combination with the non-irritating seamless linings and slip-resistant outsoles. Both features bestow maximum comfort. This is a shoe you cannot afford to overlook! 


  1. Stretchies Faye Round Toe Synthetic Flats

Hot and humid conditions pose further problems to the feet that are infested with bunions. That’s because there is the need to offer a breathable atmosphere that prevents athlete’s feet and foul stench. This is the problem that this particular shoe is designed to overcome.

The shoe is equipped with Aerato stretch breathable uppers, pressure-free fitting, upgraded foam, a removable super shock-absorbing polyurethane insole, and antimicrobial microfiber sock liners. These features enhance the circulation of air in the feet. They also provide a comfortable environment that inflicts less harm to the bunions. In times of hot weather, look no further than this particular shoe.


  1. Fidelio Women’s Magic Stretch Bunion Relief Mary Jane Shoe 356006 (Burgundy) Wide Width

Are you a school girl? Does your institution impose a strict dress code? D you still wish to enjoy your scholarship even though you have bunions? If so, then this is the shoe for you.

Its upper comes in the form of soft leather. It also comprises stretchable Hallux insert, adjustable Velcro straps, and removable insoles alongside other features. The shoe generally accommodates custom orthotics, provides excellent support to the arch and metatarsal, and reduces pressure on the bunion, considerably.

Because of these, you are assured of maximum comfort, minimal pain, and unhindered enjoyment of your schooling.


  1. Propet Women’s Olivia Oxford

Do you love partying and reveling? You can still enjoy these social events even if you have bunions. These shoes make it possible for you to accomplish this feat. They embody several features that make this possible. These include all-weather construction, synthetic sole, double insoles, and classy look. They are also stretchable and are approved by Medicare for diabetic footwear.

With these shoes, you are assured of maximum comfort at all times. Your feet are tightly secured and are also protected from the associated dangers of bunions. Besides, they also offer your feet the firm support they need to stand firmly on the ground. 


  1. FootSmart Stretchies Slip-Ons -Women’s

Are you on the lookout for comfort and style? You can indeed obtain the two benefits regardless of whether you have bunions or not. This particular shoe is manufactured with that particular aim in mind.

Possessing a synthetic sole, this shoe has heels that measure just 1 inch. It is therefore very stable and comfortable. It is made of fabric, unlike most others that are made of leather. Stretch neoprene upper, lightweight polyurethane insole, and durable rubber outsole is some of its outstanding features.

You should anticipate reduced walking impacts, eased the pressure, superior attractions, and utmost comfort among several other benefits. 


  1. Stretchies Margaret II Mary Janes

Do you wish to look official yet manage your bunions pretty effectively? If you said yes, then you have no choice but to acquire this particular shoe. It is breathtaking in appearance. Moreover, it is also made of high-quality materials that exude the necessary professional outlook.

Among the other top-notch features are Aerato stretch breathable upper, pressure-free fitting, stretch top lines, adjustable hook-and-loop instep straps, and antimicrobial microfiber sock liners.

All these features combine to keep your feet fresh, comfortable, and safe. The shoe further relieves the bunions of unnecessary pain and pressure. You just cannot afford to overlook these shoes in case you are a member of the workforce!


  1. Apex Women’s Lisa Classic Mary Jane

Traversing difficult terrain requires very durable shoes. The issue is further compounded in case the feet are infested with bunions. This shoe is manufactured with the aim of fulfilling this specific need.

This is made possible by different factors. For one it is manufactured of 99% leather and only 1% fabric. Because of this, it is generally stronger. It also has a rubber sole, features the lightweight design, and has an adjustable hook-and-loop, stylish stitches, and roomy toe box design, alongside other foot-pampering features.

Because of these, you stand to derive the fringe benefits of added stability and traction, secure fitting, and long-term reliability. Working in a quarry, commuting regularly, and tackling hard terrain with bunions on your feet have never been more comfortable! 


  1. The Flexx Women’s Band Together Gladiator Sandal

In times of cool weather, you require open sandals that may help you in dissipating sweat and keeping your feet cool. This is where these sandals come in. They are targeted at those users who have bunions but nevertheless wish to enjoy their summers.

Purely made of leather, these sandals have a synthetic sole. Their heels measure 1.5 inches and have flexible bottoms and padded insoles. The safety of your feet is enhanced by the elastic bands that fasten securely and the further ankle straps that are intended for a snug fit.

You may count on these sandals to grant you the freedom, companionship, and space to enjoy your warm summer months. 



We do hope that you found the review above quite informative. You cannot at all afford to overlook any of these shoes in case you are a person who suffers from bunions. That’s why it is imperative that you contemplate making a purchase of at least one pair of shoes.