Best Shoes for Standing All Day

Most of us know what it’s like to stand for a long period of time. It could’ve been hours at a show or concert, hours waiting in line to see an attraction, or maybe hours walking around a place to sightsee. Imagine having to stand all day for work. It isn’t an unusual situation to be in; as a matter of fact, many industries require employees to stand on their feet most of the working day in order to perform their jobs. Some of these industries include health care, retail, food services and food preparation, teaching, and hairdressing among many others. If you work in one of these industries, then you know what it’s like and you know how much shoes can make a difference.

As humans, we put the entire weight of our bodies on our two feet naturally when we stand. That’s quite a load to bear for such small body parts. Our feet are designed so they can handle the weight, but it doesn’t hurt to give them the extra support. This is why it’s so important to have shoes that can assist you with standing all day. We’ve come up with a guide to help you figure out why you need better shoes and which ones are the best shoes for standing all day.



It’s not always easy to fork out the money just to buy the right kind of shoes for standing, but you have to think in terms of caring for your feet and essentially your body, as well. Putting so much pressure on your feet isn’t exactly the healthiest thing to do. The constant weight on your ankles alone can cause them to weaken and get injured easily. The balls and heels of your feet can also feel the pain of standing up too much for several days. When your feet and ankles are weak, your body tends to overcompensate in other areas such as your knees. With weak and hurting feet, next thing you know is your knees hurt and then maybe even your back.

Wearing good shoes will offer your feet support and in turn, support for other parts of your body as well including your knees, hips, and back. Apart from this, wearing the proper shoes will also keep you comfortable while you are standing on your feet all day. You can be at work and do your work diligently without having to constantly think about how much your feet hurt. It’s one less thing to worry about as you work.



Investing in a good pair of shoes can mean many things for you. The most important one is comfort. Good shoes should be comfortable and should maintain this comfort even after long hours of wear. Different materials used for shoes also feel differently on your feet. It’s important to buy shoes that are made with the best materials for longevity and durability. Better made shoes will last longer than cheaply made ones, especially if you put a lot of mileage in them.

So in the end, investing in a good pair of shoes will also save you money because you’ll be buying fewer shoes if you’ve got ones that don’t break so easily. It’s also important to buy shoes that can be cleaned properly. In some industries, shoes are the first ones to accumulate all sorts of dirt and grime. You can imagine how much food scraps get into your shoes if you work in the food preparation industry. If you’re a nurse, you only know what kind of things get onto your shoes—bodily secretions, blood, and many other unmentionables. Being able to clean your shoes will help prolong their lives, so you can get more usage out of them.



You know that shoes are sold everywhere. You’ve got hundreds of stores to choose from even at the mall or the outlets. You probably also have preferences on which brands you like. You have to start considering buying shoes specifically for the purpose of work and standing all day. The best place to buy such shoes is really online. You’ll have thousands of shoes to pick from all at the tip of your fingertip. You’ll also have an easier time comparing shoes as you shop and will have access to shoes you can’t ever get to physically. Shopping for shoes online will also introduce you to many brands and kinds of shoes that you’ve probably never heard of before. You can also read what other people say about the shoes to get a good idea whether they’ll work for your situation.



This question is really a matter of figuring out how much damage you put into your shoes. A well-worn shoe might feel comfortable on your feet, but they don’t necessarily provide your feet with the proper support it needs. There are many factors that determine if your shoes are ready to be replaced. Shoe mileages in the 200s generally mean it’s time to replace them. If you have shoes in rotation, this number can be extended anywhere from the 300-500 range in miles. If you’re doing a rough conversion, 200 miles is roughly just over a million steps when converted in feet. You can calculate how many steps you do in a day and go from there. Perhaps the best way to figure out when it’s time to buy new shoes is by listening to your body. Your body will tell you when it’s no longer getting support from your shoes. Once you start to feel aches and pains in your lower extremities, your feet, and your back, it’s probably time to get a new pair. There are hundreds of shoes to choose from and we’ve compiled a list of the best shoes for standing all day for men and women to help you get started.




  1. Skechers For Work Cottonwood Goddard Slip On

These shoes take the needs of a blue-collar worker and wrap it up nicely in a pair of good looking shoes. You’ll never know what you’re getting with these shoes just by looking at them. These steel toe safety shoes are full of features designed to protect you on the job while giving you the comfort you need. These Skechers are slip-resistant and also meets ASTM electrical hazard standards. Its relaxed fit design coupled with memory foam insoles will give your feet a nice cushion for comfort. They’re also the type of shoes you can wear on a night out, so whoever said support can’t be stylish have obviously never come across this pair.


  1. Dansko Wayne Slip On

The Dansko brand is known for making high quality and comfortable shoes. These Wayne slip-ons are the types of shoes you can wear in a high-end work environment or the complete opposite. You’ll get tons of support from the removable EVA insole and midsoles made out of polyurethane. The attractive shoe upper is made out of full grain leather that can easily be cleaned and maintained as needed. The shoe also features Nitrol rubber soles that will give you excellent traction as you walk to prevent slipping. The Dansko Wayne slip-ons are definitely great options if you have to get dressed for your work.


  1. Under Armour Micro G Limitless

If you’re lucky enough to not have to wear dress shoes for work, the Under Armour Micro G will be one of your trendiest options. With seventeen different color options to choose from, you don’t have to settle down with plain black or white comfortable shoes. The mesh upper will let your feet breathe throughout the day, giving it a slight reprieve from being in shoes for so long. You will get ample support with the shoes’ 4D padded foot bed, which will contour to the shape of your feet for individualized reinforcement. The great thing about these shoes is you can wear them outside of work if you wish. A leisurely stroll or a night out in the town will be even more pleasurable with comfortable shoes such as the Micro G. 


  1. ASICS GEL Foundation Workplace Walking Shoes

Another sneaker type option, this ASICS GEL shoes are probably one of the best support shoes in the market. It has two layers of memory foam that act as a sturdy cushion for your feet, so even if you’re standing or walking all day, your feet will feel the memory foam and nothing else. The EVA foam on the midsole offers even more support along with the combination synthetic and natural leather of the entire shoe. Not all sneakers are designed this way. With this ASICS, you can worry about performing your job properly and not your feet. 


  1. Merrell Encore Gust Slip On

Merrell is known for their high performance hiking shoes, and you can trust that the regular shoes they sell will also have the same quality. With an ortholite foot bed and aircushion heel, the Encore will give your feet the comfort it deserves. It has a cool and casual look to it that can go with different types of workplace uniforms. The ergonomic design will keep your feet relaxed even as you stand in one place for hours. They’re easy to put on and take off because they don’t have a backing, which also gives a non-constricting type of support. 


  1. Dr. Martens 1461 Gibson Oxford Shoes

The footwear industry will not be the same without the name Dr. Martens. The distinct style and shape of the shoes are for more than just looks. The upper shape and welted construction of the shoes provides protection for your toes. The famous air cushioned soles, on the other hand, provides endless support for your feet. The padded foot bed will pillow your feet from the beating of walking and standing for too long. You might even prevent a blister or a few by wearing these shoes. Make a statement with your style and comfort by wearing Doc Martens. Your feet will thank you. 


  1. KEEN Utility PTC Oxford Shoes

Water-resistant and stain-resistant are just some of the features these KEEN oxford shoes offer. Designed specifically for work, these shoes are guaranteed not only to keep your feet protected but also as comfortable as they could ever be with long periods of standing and walking. The slip-resistant rubber soles combined with the compressed EVA midsoles and KEEN memory foam foot bed adds up to durability and reinforcement that will make your long workday seem much shorter. The imported leather upper tops it all off with a clean look that’s easy to maintain. 


  1. Rockport World Tour Classic Walking Shoes

Rockport takes support to another level with their World Tour Classic shoes. The shoe designs were achieved to support your natural gait, giving you stability like no other. The soft leather upper adds a touch of comfort along with a padded collar to prevent blisters from forming around your ankles. These shoes are very simple yet so effective; you’ll never feel broken down at the end of a long day of standing. The shoes are lace-up, different from the other ones we’ve presented, and also come in wide variety of sizes for those who need extra room in their shoes. 


  1. Dunham Windsor Waterproof

The Dunham Windsor is another lace-up option that offers a classic look. These shoes are made with waterproof leather for durability and ease of use. You can end up saving tons of money with just these features alone. If you work in an environment that deals with a lot of moisture, these shoes are guaranteed to keep your feet nice and dry. The midsole is embedded with a fiberglass stability shank that acts as extra arch support. This will allow you to walk more naturally and stand with a better posture altogether, which both helps when you have to stand all day. 


  1. Rockport Make Your Path Slip On

Slip-on shoes are the epitome of casual comfort, and these Rockport shoes are the embodiment of that. If you are always on the go, constantly standing and walking for work, these shoes will be perfect for you. The EVA midsole provides a solid padding to help you walk naturally and painlessly, and the rubber soles will allow you to walk on any surface with no problems. The shoes are also designed to weather any type of conditions, so you know they’re built with durability in mind. These will last you a long while, especially with good care. They’re also nice enough to be worn outside of work. 




  1. Hush Puppies Epic Mary Jane

They’re cute and stylish and perfect for a long day of standing. Hush Puppies are a household name when it comes to comfortable shoes, and these Mary Janes are no exception. These shoes offer shock absorption to provide your feet with that extra cushion as you walk and stand. The upper is made with smooth leather material that not only protects but also looks good. You can wear these shoes at a retail store job or wear them when you’re out and about. The greatest thing about these shoes is how lightweight they are; you won’t feel as if you’re wearing something that’s weighing you down even further. 


  1. Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 Running Shoes

If your company doesn’t require you to wear black or white shoes only, why not go for something a little bold? The Mizuno Wave offers a variety of colors for their running shoes. These shoes are designed to protect runners when they are hitting the pavement hard with their feet. You can only imagine how much support they can really give you while you’re walking or even just standing up. The breathable synthetic material will keep your feet cooled down and relaxed all day, so when you take off your shoes after a day’s work, your feet will still feel nice and refreshed. 


  1. Skechers for Work Slip Resistant Clog

Clogs have always been associated with being work shoes and for good measure also. Clogs offer support like no other type of shoes can. These shoes are made with durable leather material that’s designed to keep your feet protected. The way your feet sit on the shoe prevents them from blistering or chaffing. These clogs are easy to clean, easy to put on, and easy to love. This one even offers protection from electricity, so if your job involves working in such conditions, wearing these shoes will give you a little bit more security. 


  1. Cherokee AnyWears Exact Clog

This synthetic shoe is one of the lightest options out there. It works for jobs that involve walking for long hours. If you’re looking for all-day comfort, these shoes will do you wonders. The soles and heels give you ample support with extra 1.25 solid inches. The insoles are removable and can be replaced regularly to make sure your feet are still getting the proper cushion they need. For extra protection, the soles are designed to be slip-resistant, and the entirety of the shoes is easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about your shoes breaking down so much as long as you maintain them. 


  1. Natural Uniforms Lightweight Nurse Shoes

While these shoes may be made for nurses, anyone who wants cheap, comfortable shoes can certainly wear these Natural Uniforms shoes. They’re easy to wear and maintain, as most nurses would want in their shoes. These are made similar to a clog design, but they have the backs open for more comfort. They offer a good amount of support for the arches. Work-related injuries are common in the healthcare industry, and as simple as it sounds, having the right shoes makes a huge difference in safety. These will prevent you from slipping and are completely waterproof, so your feet are protected inside and out. 


  1. Nike Flex 2015 RN Running Shoes

Another running shoes option, these are designed with long-term wear in mind. Nikes are known to make quality products, and the quality of these running shoes attest to that. These shoes allow their wearer a lot of flexibility that’s not available with clogs or any other types of shoes. The midsoles are completely adaptive and the insoles can be replaced as needed. The shoes are also light in weight compared to other running shoes, so you won’t be carrying any additional weight on your feet. The mesh upper material also provides your feet with breathability to add to the comfort benefits. You can choose from a number of color combinations to suit your style or to match your uniform. 


  1. Salomon XR Mission Running Shoes

Designed for runners that like to take on rough hiking trails, the Salomon XR can definitely handle your workplace. The slip-resistant, Contagrip technology rubber sole will give you more than enough traction you’ll need for stability and the mesh material of the shoes are made to let your feet breathe during a long work day. The foot bed is designed to not only give you comfort but also to eliminate the usual friction that happens in shoes, which causes blistering. You can stand all day long with these shoes on and walk around your workplace a hundred times over; these shoes will make sure your feet come out safe and pain-free. 


  1. Under Armour Micro G Assert 6 Running Shoes

It’s apparent that running shoes are a great option for women looking to wear something that will be comfortable after a long workday. Of course, not all running shoes are the same, and if you’re going this route with your shoes, don’t overlook Under Armour’s Micro G. This lightweight shoe will end your search right away. The upper is made out of a soft foam material that won’t hurt your toes as you walk around. For added support, there’s a layer of durable leather in the midshoe section and a rubber sole that provides traction and slip-resistance. There’s enough support for the arches but additional insoles can be placed in the shoes if more is needed. 


  1. Alegria Keli Professional

While these shoes look like clogs, they’re just regular slip-ons. If you want more support out of your flats, the Alegria Keli will provide just that. You won’t have to worry about slipping anywhere at work or outside of work because of the shoes’ solid rubber sole. The shoes also utilize memory foam and latex materials to make the inside fit as comfortable as possible. If you hate having your toes constricted inside your shoes, the Alegria Keli provides some of the largest toe box spaces in the shoe industry. The back collar will also prevent you from getting blisters and chaffing. 


  1. Clarks CloudSteppers Sillian Bella Mary Jane Flat

Going back to a Mary Jane option, these Clarks will be perfect for those looking for something other than a clog design or running shoes to wear to work. If you have to dress up for work, these can go perfectly with many dressy outfits without having to compromise comfort. It’s a combination of dressy and sporty in a flexible shoe. The breathable material won’t suffocate your feet, and you can even keep them on for leisurewear after work. These shoes will keep your feet from hurting after standing for so long, and they’ll keep your feet stylish at the same time. Clarks makes some of the best quality shoes in the market; you won’t regret investing in them.