The Importance of a Middle Hitter

Playing volleyball is a fun and engaging sport. Each player plays a huge role concerning the effectiveness of the game. Here you will learn what exactly a middle hitter is, the importance of a middle hitter and also a few tips and tricks on how to be the best.

What is a Middle Hitter?

Each of the players that you see on a volleyball court has a specific name and more importantly a specific job to do. While each position plays a key part in the game, a middle hitter is one of the most important players on a volleyball team. The team relies on the middle hitter to act as defense and block the opposing team’s shots and also to score points for the team. It is no guess where the middle hitter is positioned on the court; right in the middle, on the front row of course. From the middle of the court the middle hitter can hit the ball from behind or in front of the setter.

Do You Have What it Takes?

If you are going to try out for volleyball or just want to play for fun you will want to make sure you have exactly what it takes to be an effective middle hitter before trying out or playing in a middle hitter position. If you are a middle hitter you will need to be fast, powerful and aggressive. You also need to be determined and have a positive attitude. These traits will make you one of the best. If you are not good at first, practice and make yourself better. If you stick with it you will become a great middle hitter.

Middle Hitter things to know

  1. The first thing you should do is make sure you know the proper positioning of a middle hitter. Being in a good position with your knees bent and body balanced on both feet will help you in the long run. When you are fully loaded and ready to move you will be able to make quick movements and block the ball effectively. Make sure that you do not stand up too straight. This will result in sluggish movement that could cost you and your team a point. You will be able to move more explosively if you keep a proper middle hitter stance, by staying lower with your knees bent. This also will maximize your height when you leap straight up to defend an opposing shot. Inexperienced middles sometimes stand up too straight.
  2. Make sure that you keep the other team guessing. Don’t use the same footwork and hitting methods every time. Confusing your opponents and keeping them guessing will ensure that they don’t recognize a certain pattern when you attack the ball for each play. Using a variety of hitting methods will make you more versatile and will make you a better middle hitter.
  3. Don’t be afraid to get close to the net. As a general rule you should stand about a foot and a half to two feet away from the net. Any closer than that and you will risk netting and will not be able to effectively defend the ball or score points for your team. If you fail to close the gap, so to speak, and stand too far from the net you leave yourself wide open and have to cover more area to defend the ball. You can get great results in both offense and defense when you stand at the right distance from the net.
  4. Maximizing your vertical leap will help you be able to defend the ball and get your shot straight down on the other side of the net. From the correct middle hitter stance you will be able to leap straight up with your arms outstretched to block and to gain points for your team. Practice your vertical leap prior to a game to build the muscles in your legs. This will optimize your vertical leap and make you a better middle hitter.

So, if you are going to try out for the volleyball team or already play on a team, there are plenty of things you can do to be the best middle hitter on the court. With practice and determination you can have what it takes and make a difference on your team. Remember, it’s all about having fun and doing your best!