Adidas Performance Women’s Energy Volley Boost 2.0 Shoe Review

Adidas was founded in 1924 and is the largest sportswear company in Europe, and the second largest in the world. In this time they have made many great pairs of volleyball shoes, and the Adidas Performance Women’s Energy Volley Boost 2.0 Shoe is another in the same lines. This women’s volleyball shoe was introduced in 2015 and comes three different styles. They are available in Dark Grey/tech Silver/metallic/frozen Yellow Fabric, Dark Grey/Tesime/Frozen Yellow, Shock Green/Matte Silver/Shock Pink, and Black/White/Bold Pink. People say they fit as expected the majority of the time. Look through our review of its features, pros, and cons below.


  • Uses Adidas boost technology which helps to return part of the energy you are putting every time you take a step, run, or jump. This return of energy helps to make these shoes more efficient when you are playing volleyball and keep your legs fresh for longer.
  • Both fabric and synthetic materials in the shoe
  • Non marking, decoupled rubber outsole compound to reduce abrasions and increase the durability of the volleyball shoe, while also increasing the shock absorbing ability while landing from jumps
  • Breathable upper mesh tongue to help make the court shoe less warm while it is being worn, and to let the sweat help stay out of your shoe.
  • Sprint plate in the midsole of the shoe. This is supposed to help stabilize your foot during jumping and landing and give you extra propulsion during explosive moves and is Adidas’ Torsion System for mid foot integrity.
  • Has a reinforced toe cap for extra protection for those ten little toes.


  • Based on the reviews most people have found these to be a very good shoe for volleyball whether on an indoor volleyball court or an outdoor volleyball court
  • They fit to the correct size the majority of time
  • With four different style option you can pick out a look which fits your style
  • They can be used for other court sports and training, if you need them too. The recommended use is for them to be used primarily for court sports.
  • Adidas is known for making quality shoes over the life of the company
  • Reasonable priced for most sizes at around $80 to $100
  • A great looking black volleyball shoe option with only a very small amount of other colors on one style


  • Some of the styles in various sizes can be more expensive
  • One reviewers say the shoe is fairly heavy to be worn for very long sessions of 12 hours, and helped lead to tired legs

Adidas has done well again with the Adidas Performance Women’s Energy Volley Boost 2.0 Shoe. It comes in currently with 4.4 out of 5 ratings, but it is hard to tell if this will remain steady over time with the few number reviews online. This is a very comfortable volleyball shoe, and we recommend it as a good volleyball shoe with ample choice of styles to choose from.