Mizuno Men’s Wave Tornado 9 Volleyball Shoe Review

If you are looking for volleyball shoes that score high in the departments of visual appeal, performance, durability, flexibility and foot balance, the Mizuno Men’s Wave Tornado 9 Volleyball Shoe is the right choice for you. The Japanese manufacturer leaves no stone unturned while equipping its shoes with smart technology and sophisticated features. These shoes are no exception to this rule. You will see an improved agility in your performance once you start using them. Read on to know more about the features of this shoe.


The Mizuno Wave Tornado Wave 9 is one of the stylish volleyball shoes on the market today. It comes loaded with the latest innovative technological features as well, which make it one of the most sought-after brands today. It is priced in the range of around $70 to $153, which is quite competitive indeed when compared to the prices of shoes from the market leaders. Some of the excellent features of this shoe are mentioned here:

  • Imported shoe made from excellent quality of synthetic fabric
  • Sole made from natural rubber, which improves traction and enables smooth landing
  • Comes powered with Infinity Wave Technology – this means you will get full cushioning impact in the forefoot, rear foot, and midsole areas
  • Comes with no marking soles, which ensures that you don’t leave any marks on the floor while you are performing
  • Improved stability of forefoot, thanks to the Dynamotion technology – this improves your agility and flexibility on the court
  • Removes stress, distortion and pressure on the foot completely
  • Soon becoming one of the much-loved models in the world today
  • Comes in a bright blue color


  • Makes your performance on the volleyball court effortless due to improved agility and flexibility
  • Great durability, thanks to the quality of synthetic material
  • Good grip for players due to the natural rubber sole
  • Resistant to shocks and abrasions
  • Can be used for daily exercises as well
  • Light weight model; therefore, you don’t feel the weight of carrying your shoes while running around on the court
  • Powered with sophisticated technology which makes you enjoy wearing them


  • Some people feel that the toe box is a little too small
  • Not compatible with orthotics inserts or for people who have flat feet

Bottom Line

Men’s Mizuno Volleyball shoes are preferred a lot by people who are looking for durable and cost-effective shoes. The Mizuno Wave Tornado Wave 9 comes packed with all the goodness of Infinity Wave and Dynamotion Groove technologies. Therefore, you can be assured of about the flexibility, grip & control and breath-ability of your toes, when you are wearing these shoes. You can find yourself moving on the court with more agility and balance, thanks to the excellent padded cushions that these shoes provide for your feet. Mizuno has once again managed to make the right choices with the introduction of these shoes in the market. Since they don’t cost too much, it wouldn’t hurt to invest in these shoes and try how you feel in them when you play for long hours at a stretch.

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