Mizuno Women’s Wave Bolt 3 Volleyball Shoe Review

While volleyball is a dual-gender sport, it is one that is often best appreciated by women. If you’re a volleyball fanatic looking for the best volleyball shoe your money can buy, take a look at the Mizuno Women’s Wave Bolt 3. This volleyball shoe offers a wide range of benefits that make it a great choice for a wide variety of women.

To understand what sets this shoe apart from its many competitors (even among the Mizuno brand), please read on to learn more. While the Wave Bolt series is now on variation number five, the three offers many of the same benefits while being available at a much lower price.


A Look At The Mizuno Women’s Wave Bolt 3

So what advantages does the Mizuno Wave Bolt 3 bring to the average woman volleyball player? Plenty: Mizuno shoes for volleyball players are an excellent tool for protecting the ankle health and stability of the average volleyball player. It comes with patented parallel Mizuno wave technology. What does this fancy sounding term indicate?

Nothing less than the uniform dispersion of shock throughout the sole of the shoe. This means that you won’t suffer from pain in specific areas of your foot, such as the ball or the tip of the heel. Instead, the shock of each jump or footfall will be carefully balanced through the bottom of your foot to keep it from getting hurt. This is essential for a sport as vertically-oriented as volleyball.

Each Wave Bolt 3 is built out of imported textile and synthetic leather fabric and high-quality rubber. This helps eliminate distortion and foot stress, making each game and practice feel more comfortable and relaxing. Inside the show is a comfortable plush tongue and collar, as well as a molded foam insole. This all provides light foot cushioning.

Even better is the reinforced toe bumper, which adds a high level of toe protection that prevents broken or injured toes if a competitor or teammates lands on your foot in an exciting game moment. As a result, it is fair to say that the Wave Bolt 3 offers one of the best Mizuno shoes for volleyball and one of the best pairs of volleyball shoes on the market.

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Other Types Of Advantages Offered By The Mizuno Wave Bolt 3

How else does the Mizuno Wave Bolt differ from other volleyball shoes? It offers a mid-sole ventilation system that helps keep your feet from getting too hot when on the court. This not only makes you more comfortable on the court but also avoids dangerous slipping. Even better, it keeps smells from becoming too prominent.

The exterior of the shoe offers a variety of flex grooves on the outer sole that provides greater stability and flexibility in a gaming situation. For example, they give you the ability to switch between offense and defense, letting you dig a huge spike from the back row, get into position to set up a spike from your teammate, and move to the back row for defense.

Other benefits of these grooves include increased running speed (necessary for quick sprints up the court) and a slightly higher jump. As a result, you’ll be a full-court threat on both offense and defense, moving quickly and easily into position to take advantage of your opponent’s offensive and defensive weaknesses.

Using With Other Sports

Outdoor sports are not appropriate for the Wave Bolt 3: their many advantages are typically either not as pronounced or unnoticeable on dirt and other areas outside. While you could use them when jogging or exploring outside, you should probably have specialized outdoor sports shoes for these purposes, such as hiking boots. Otherwise, you’ll end up scuffing or damaging the Wave Bolt 3.

That said, you can use it with other gym sports or even as a great practice shoe for outdoor sports. What kind of indoor sports are appropriate with this shoe? Handball and racquetball require many of the same quick movements inherent in volleyball. However, basketball players could also benefit from the jump-boosting abilities of the Wave Bolt 3.

Special Care Techniques

Caring for the Wave Bolt 3 is very easy, as it should be with the best volleyball shoes. For example, all you need to do to clean a pair is scrub their surface with a toothbrush soaked in warm water and anti-grease soap. Simply rub the toothbrush across the surface of the shoe in gentle circular motions to break apart stains and remove scuff damage.

What about dealing with stains? Remove the inner sole and hand-wash it with water and soap. Let it air dry in a well-ventilated area to remove the stench. Now take a wash rag and clean the inside of the shoe with warm water and soap. Next, hand dry the exterior and interior and apply a little baking soda on the soles to keep them fresh. Never machine wash or dry, as this will damage the shoe.

Why Buying Online Is your Best Bet

Online shoe depots are your best choice when purchasing the Mizuno Wave Bolt 3. Why? They offer a variety of styles and designs that are harder to get at local shoe stores. They also offer overnight delivery that makes it easy to get on the court with your new shoes quickly and easily.

Best of all, they also give you the chance to experience awesome online savings, especially during heavy shopping seasons like Black Friday and the early and late Christmas seasons. Buying these volleyball shoes online is simple and easy, so if they sound like the right choice for you, make an order today. It is currently sitting with 4.5 out of 5 stars with 94% four star or higher, and only 2% one star. This is truly one of the best rated volleyball shoes out there. We recommend this volleyball shoe.