Mizuno Women’s Wave Bolt 5 Volleyball Shoes Review

For all the women volleyball players who have been waiting for sports shoes that are not only fun and attractive to look at but also deliver high-class performance on the court, the Mizuno Women’s Wave Bolt 5 Volleyball Shoe is the right choice. Mizuno is considered one of the best volleyball brands and this red volleyball shoe is loaded with features that suit women players of all age groups and various skill levels. You can now approach the court confidently as you know that these shoes will help you get your act right and move with the speed and flexibility that you had been longing for, for quite some time now.


The red volleyball shoes from Mizuno in the Wave Bolt 5 design category are huge hits among women who want to add a dash of colour to their volleyball accessories.  A list of some of the exciting features of these shoes is seen here:

  • Powered by Dynomotion Groove Technology, which helps you to improve your stability, agility and flexibility when you play for long hours at a stretch, without facing any difficulties
  • Comes with Mizuno Intercool technology with unique mesh and ventilation system in the soles, which ensures that heat and humidity are completely removed inside the shoes; therefore, your toes don’t sweat and give out a foul smell
  • Comes with Dura Shield in the areas of your toes; therefore, you can move around the court during complex movements confidently and freely, without having to worry about your toes getting damaged or bruised in any way
  • Improved traction, thanks to the Sensor Point suspension system that these are shoes are packed with
  • Absorbs shocks and scatters to all over the area of your foot with the help of Mizuno Parallel wave technology; this way, stress on one particular area of your leg is eradicated
  • Made with full-length EVA midsole so that shocks are absorbed quicker and cushioning effect provided
  • Outsoles are made from high-quality, non-marking rubber, which lends extra grip and stability for the players
  • Available in five colors – White & Red, White & Royal Blue, Black & Silver, White & Black and White & Navy
  • Price starts from $68 and up



  • Great value for money
  • Relieves players of all kinds of pain and blisters that result when sports shoes are worn for a long time
  • Enough space for toes to move around; therefore flexibility, speed, agility and overall performance of the player increases considerably
  • Considered to be one of the best volleyball brand shoes in the industry, for women


  • Some people feel that it is a size smaller than the other brands

Bottom Line

Mizuno Women’s Wave Bolt 5 are regarded as one of the best volleyball brand shoes, not without reason. They are packed with innumerable technological features to make lives easy for women players, and they are priced quite effectively. If you want to experience the sheer brilliance of a red volleyball shoe from Mizuno’s technology without loosening your purse strings too much, these shoes are an ideal choice for you. This is a topped rated shoe with 4.5 out of 5 reviews and 94% with four stars or more, and only 2% with one star.