What to Wear for Volleyball

Volleyball is the kind of sport that takes a lot of skill. It is fast paced and requires careful execution and precise movements. If you’re a big fan of volleyball or are interested in getting started, you need to understand what to wear for volleyball. You can’t just put on your street clothes and start playing. There are a variety of regulations and rules that dictate what you can and cannot wear, especially if you are playing organized volleyball.

In the following guide, we will break down what you need to wear from head-to-toe, including your shirts, pants, socks, and shoes. The most important thing to consider is what shoes to wear for volleyball. The best types of volleyball shoes will support your feet and promote a better game. As a bonus, you’ll also learn about the kinds of safety gear you need to wear for protect yourself.


Appropriate Shirts

When deciding what to wear for volleyball, you need to start with your shirts. Typically, you’re going to want a comfortable shirt that lets your arms move freely. Otherwise, you’ll be too constrained to react to the ball. T-shirts are acceptable in practice and in amateur competition. In actual tournaments, you’re going to have to wear jerseys with your team name and numbers on them.

Try to avoid t-shirts that are thin, have been heavily worn, or which have inappropriate logos on the front. This is considered disrespectful in most volleyball leagues. In fact, it may be even against certain advertising rules, especially if your team has received funding from a local business. Logos from competitors may be considered a form of inappropriate advertising.

If you’re a woman playing volleyball, a good sports bra can help protect your chest from getting sore. This is particularly important in this sport because you’ll be jumping and diving a lot and could end up getting a bruised chest. The type of bra doesn’t matter, as long as it fits and isn’t visible from beneath your fabric: black bras are typically frowned upon for this reason.

The Best Shorts

What should you wear for volleyball on your legs? Long pants are not a good idea for volleyball. They constrict your legs and make it hard for you to move easily on the court. They’re also likely to rip when you move too quickly. A pair of spandex shorts is usually appropriate for volleyball. This is true of practices, amateur competitions, and real tournaments.

How short should your shorts be? A good length is just past your knees, but no more than an inch or so. However, most volleyball shorts are shorter to help ensure freedom of movement when on the court. Many shorter styles are used when on an indoor volleyball court. If you wear short volleyball shorts when outside, you risk being inappropriate or getting injured when you dive. Any longer and your knees might be constricted when you run or dive for the ball. The color doesn’t matter much, but should match your teammates short colors.

Make sure that your shorts fit comfortable and have a little give. This makes them easier to move in and keeps you competitive. However, shorts that are too loose may fall off and trip you or lead to a rather embarrassing de-pantsing situation. Running shorts may be acceptable depending on your league, so make sure to check your rules.

Socks and Shoes to Wear for Volleyball

When deciding what kind of shoes to wear for volleyball, you should consider shoes that are specifically designed for volleyball. There are multiple types of high-quality shoes by companies like ASCIS and Mizuno that have been fine-tuned to be appropriate for volleyball. For example, shoes by those two brands have gripping soles that help you run and leap easier on the gym floor.

Volleyball shoes are also lighter than other kinds of shoes, such as running and jogging shoes. This makes them easier to wear and make them adaptable to a wide range of volleyball situations. They also have comfort support that is specifically designed for volleyball. That’s why it’s worth spending a little extra money on a pair of volleyball shoes.

The type of socks you want to purchase doesn’t matter too much. Typically, volleyball players like crew and knee socks. There are a few reasons for this. First, ankle socks usually fall and end up tripping them. Beyond that, they also don’t offer much protection for your feet and your ankles. Crew and knee socks ride high and protect you from scuffs.

Safety Accessories You Should Consider

Anyone who has long hair (including men or women) should put their hair up in a ponytail or braid. This helps keep it out of their way while they play and avoids distractions. It also keeps it from getting hung up in the net and causing injury.

Other safety items you should wear include knee and elbow pads to protect your joints from damage. Some players prefer playing without them, and they are optional. However, if you have joint problems or want to avoid developing them in the future, these protective items are a good idea.

Dressing for Success

Purchase several sets of matching volleyball clothes to give yourself a variety of style options. This also keeps your clothes from getting smelly or from developing mold, mildew, or other dangerous items. Talk to your teammates about the colors you want to use to represent your team. If you have a team sponsor, you should either wear clothes that mimic their logo colors or a shirt with their logo.

While this might limit your style options, it does show appreciation for a company that invested their hard-earned money on your team. It also provides you with a comfortable and easy-to-move-in shirt that will improve your game and help increase your chance of winning.