Adidas Performance Men’s Ligra 4 Volleyball Shoe Review

Adidas has made a name for themselves in the sporting equipment world and volleyball shoes for men is no exception. Although they may not be as popular as one or two of the most used brands in pro volleyball circles. Their shoes for volleyball are just as good and many people have been impressed by them.

The Ligara 4 volleyball shoe is one of the best men’s volleyball shoes made by Adidas and that is because of the way it is able to boost performance of the man wearing them. If you were to read a buyer’s guide on choosing the best volleyball shoes and then you compared the features of the Ligara 4, you would realize that this shoe actually ticks most of the boxes to be categorized as a good choice for you to add to your shopping basket. Let us take a closer look at what makes this a good choice.

Why choose this shoe

Traction: Traction is a major aspect to consider when buying volleyball shoes. The best volleyball shoes have the ability to keep you from sliding on just about every kind of court where the game is usually played. When you look at the traction the Ligara 4 provides, you will be impressed. It is a combination of the rubber material used for the under sole as well as the design of the treads that provide the solid traction so that your quick turns and stops do not result in you sliding and missing the ball which in many cases will mean points lost. These are shoes that were designed after the manufacturer studied the different movements volleyball players have to make while playing and then the treads were designed accordingly. Under normal circumstances, you should not slide on the court while playing.

Durability: Even if you are a professional who may wear a pair for just one game and then give them away, you want a shoe that will last the entire game without falling apart as a result of heavy strain. Volleyball is a game that puts a lot of stress on the shoe and it has to be able to take the twisting and turning. The Ligara 4 by Adidas is that kind of shoe that will keep going with you. It is designed from synthetic material which makes it strong, durable and flexible, these are features of the best men’s volleyball shoes. With these shoes, you will play very many games before you need to replace them.

Performance: The shoes you wear play a big part in how well you will play whether you are just starting to play volleyball or you are a well-seasoned player, you need shoes that will give you a boost and an edge to perform even better. It is important that volleyball shoes for men can support their weight and provide cushioning as well as a level of launch power so that you can jump as high as you can and when you land on the ground, your feet do not take the full impact of the contact with the ground. Adidas Ligra 4 are made with rubber soles and these provide the needed cushioning as well as the spring in your step as you prepare for take off into the air. This combined with the grip makes for incredible performance.

Comfort: You will be running and jumping around for hours so it is only natural that you have volleyball shoes that are comfortable. There is no reason to end up with aching toes and feet. With these shoes, that is not going to happen. The insole is very comfortable and soft and the surrounding material is equally comfortable. What’s more, the mesh material used for this shoe makes it breathable so there will be no problem of sweaty feet and less worry about having to get the smell out of the shoes which is a common problem with sports shoes.

Versatility: These may be presented as volleyball shoes for men but they are quite adaptable to other sporting activity. If you do not want to spend on buying shoes for running as well as volleyball shoes, then you can just buy these and they will serve both purposes. They are also good gym shoes and if you play indoor football and other indoor sports on wood or synthetic pitches, these shoes will be up to the challenge. They are also good everyday street shoes.

Fashion Statement: It is not only about functionality, in the world of volleyball, you also want to make a fashion statement, you want to look like part of the hip crowd and these volleyball shoes for men help you do just that. Ligra 4 are made by one of the biggest sporting goods maker in the world and they sponsor a number of athletes. Being able to associate with such a brand is a big fashion statement, besides that the shoes are well designed so you will look really good in them.

Price: These shoes are amazingly reasonably priced in comparison to a number of other best men’s volleyball shoes. Considering all the features that come with these shoes, you would think they would be expensive but they are quite affordable and give you real value for your money.

Key Features

– Rubber outsoles

– Breathable Mesh

– Synthetic stable overlays

– Durable material

– Lightweight


People who wear half sizes like not quite size 10 and not exactly 11 may find trouble finding their size as Adidas does not make half sizes for the Ligra 4 so you may need to have it adjusted if possible.


If you are looking for the best men’s volleyball shoes but are not ready to spend a fortune, these shoes would be the perfect choice as they are affordable but provide the same advantages as many of the expensive options.