Mizuno Women’s Wave Hurricane 3 Volleyball Shoe Review

Are you looking for volleyball shoes that are easy to wear, fit well, and are durable? Well, you should consider the Mizuno Women’s Wave Hurricane 3 Volleyball Shoe. They are the newest Mizuno volleyball shoe. These shoes are designed to make your playing experience truly enjoyable. They have a sole that is designed to last and to flex. That makes it easy for you to stand on your toes or jump with ease without feeling a strain on young legs. They have uppers that enhance breathability without compromising on tensional strength. The innersole offers a smooth transition from the tough outsole exterior to the well-fitting uppers. In this Mizuno volleyball shoes review, we look those features and benefits in detail.

Synthetic and Textile Upper Material

The main materials used to make uppers of quality shoes are leather or a combination of textile and synthetic fabrics. The Mizuno Women’s Wave Hurricane 3 Volleyball Shoes make use of synthetic and textile fabrics. While leather uppers offer strength, they do not offer much breathability, which is important if you need to play for long hours. That is where the use of synthetic and textile fabrics comes in. They combine strength and breathability to give you a comfortable but strong shoe. That is what you will get from these women’s shoes.

Newest Mizuno Volleyball Synthetic Outsole

Most often, we are used to volleyball quality shoes having a rubber outsole. While a rubber sole can be comfortable and durable, it’s a bit heavier. That is why Mizuno designed a durable and comfortable synthetic outsole. This sole does not burden your feet with excess weight, which means that you get to play for long hours. The comfort you get from this shoe means that you will not miss the soft feel that we get from rubber soles.

Imported Shoe

The newest Mizuno volleyball shoes are imported. What that means for the consumer is paying less without any drop in quality and performance of the shoe. Mizuno has over 100 years of experience making quality shoes. All that experience culminates to one thing, quality, and performance in your volleyball sports shoes.

Dynamotion Fit

Volleyball shoes need to have a special design to be able to keep up with the fast and sudden movements of volleyball play. Otherwise, they will suffer from either poor performance or extreme discomfort. That is why the Dynamotion fit design of this volleyball shoe is very important. It allows your foot to bend forward and sideways without tearing or hurting your feet. It has been designed to suit the motion of a volleyball player’s feet. The fabric moves along with your foot while the innersole curves smoothly following the contours of your feet. You can be sure that you always a get a fluid motion while wearing the Mizuno Women’s Wave Hurricane 3 Volleyball Shoe.

Shaft Covers the Whole Arc

The arcing motion of the feet is one of the most common motions when running or playing games. If a shoe does not curve along with your foot without over curving, then you could easily hurt your feet. This shoe has shaft that superbly controls the arcing of the feet to protecting your feet during the high jumps. The long shaft means that even when you stand on your toes, no section of your feet is left unsupported. That maximum support is what makes it safe to jump high with these newest Mizuno volleyball shoes.

Non-marking Outsole

Some shoes come with hard rubber soles that leave undesirable marks on the floor or walls. You will not get such an experience from this shoe. The non-marking sole is designed to leave no marks on all floors that you step on. If you have been having trouble because your sports shoes leave marks on floors that must be cleared later, then you can be sure that if you buy these shoes, you will never have such an experience.

Air Mesh

Breathability is one feature that a sports shoe must have. Otherwise, the discomfort that would come from the excessive heat generated when playing will negate all benefits that your shoes offer you. The air mesh enables air to flow freely in and out of this shoe. Whether you are playing when it’s hot or cold, you can be sure that discomfort will not be among your concerns.

Parallel Wave Plate

The parallel plate wave gives this a shoe a fluid forward motion as you run or leap forward. That means that no matter how long you play, you will not get any blisters. Instead, what you get a continuous feeling of comfort and quality. The parallel wave design is best suited for neutral feet that need a great and firm support from the newest Mizuno volleyball shoes.

Weighs 8.6 Oz

The weight of the shoe is an important factor when it comes to playing volleyball. This shoe weights just 8.6 Oz, which is light by any standard for female shoes. You can jump with ease and feel as though you were without shoes. That is why you will immediately feel excited when you wear these shoes.


l It is more durable than most shoes.

l This shoe is light in weight.

l It provides a fluid motion when you jump.

l This shoe offer maximum breathability.

l You will never have to worry about your feet arcing excessively.

l The non-marking shoes protect the floors you walk on.


l To offer strength and breathability, they are made of synthetic uppers instead of leather.

l Some players may prefer to sacrifice the weight reduction and just have shoes made of rubber.

l To lower their weight, they have synthetic soles instead of rubber soles.


Most volleyball shoes will sacrifice some features while enhancing others. That is not something you will experience with the Mizuno Women’s Wave Hurricane 3 Volleyball Shoe. These shoes have all the features that a volleyball player needs; they fit well and offer ample toe space. They offer maximum arc support and enhance breathability. You will never need to take them off during a hot day. The combined design of synthetic uppers and synthetic sole work together to offer you comfort, strength and durability. Overall, I would recommend this shoe to any volleyball player.