Adidas Performance Women’s Court Stabil 12 W Volleyball Shoe Review

If you want to give your best on the volleyball court, your shoes should cooperate and give you the necessary support and balance. Therefore, you should choose volleyball shoes carefully. If you are looking for a model that is comfortable, durable, affordable and safe, Adidas Performance Women’s Stabil 12 W is the right choice for you. These cute volleyball shoes come with a host of features that ensure that your feet, ankle, toes, and heels remain well-protected and comfortable all through your game time. Here is a detailed explanation of this model and a brief recommendation from us if it is worth your money or not.


The Stabil 12 W is a high performance women’s shoe from Adidas that is perfectly suited for all kinds of indoor sports. Women volleyball players are huge fans of this model because this shoe is lightweight as well as sturdy – just like how a true sports shoe should be. Listed below are some of the remarkable features of this product.

  • Imported shoe made from synthetic material
  • Comes with rubber sole which enables you to land very smoothly
  • Has a top protective layer that provides good support to your legs
  • Comes with adiprene heels, which ensure that you have cushioned pads to rest your ankles
  • Comes with cushion effect for toes as well, which acts as a catalyst for your propulsion
  • Comes with a sophisticated mid-foot torsion system support, which enables to move your toes and heels freely without feeling overburdened or exhausted at any stage
  • Comes with superior abrasion-resistant technology
  • Available in various colour combinations of white/star metallic/grey, black/white/shock green, white/star metallic/tech metallic


  • Excellent combination of stability and flexibility
  • Resistant to all kinds of external abrasion, which makes it one of the most durable brands in the market
  • Provides excellent comfort to women athletes as it has cushions for ankles and toes
  • Highly affordable as the shoe comes in the price range of $50 to $100
  • Keeps toes comfortable even when worn for long hours at a stretch
  • Lots of room to move toes around freely so that you don’t feel any pain or irritation
  • One of the cheap volleyball shoes for women from Adidas


  • Sometimes, users find problems with the fit; you may have to buy a size larger than your usual shoes to feel comfortable in these
  • Due to the extra room for toes, the shoe looks very large, and this may not be visually appealing

Bottom Line

We feel that a sports shoe is more about its performance than its looks. As a woman athlete, you are going to wear these shoes for a long time, and you need to feel comfortable in them. The Stabil 12 W model is a high-performance women’s volleyball shoe from Adidas, and it has been designed exclusively to provide you this comfort. It is lightweight and helps you go about your matches in a very effortless way, without having to slow down because of pain or a nagging sensation in your toes. It is also quite competitively priced due to which we highly recommend this model for you. It currently has 4.2 out of 5 stars with 82% four stars or higher. These shoes are great for use in many different court related sports.