Mizuno Men’s Wave Tornado X Volleyball Shoe Review

Gone are the days when American and European brands dominated the sports shoe market. Today, Asian countries have started making some impressive models too. Mizuno, a Japan-based company, has created a niche for itself in this industry. Ever since its inception in 1906, Mizuno has managed to come up exciting models of sports shoes that are affordable and comfortable for volleyball players. The Mizuno Wave Tornado X Volleyball Shoe is one of them.  These shoes are one of the best indoor sports shoes from the company, because of their excellent grip and durability. Here is volleyball shoe review to look at the features of this shoe.


As a volleyball player, you would look for shoes that provide you flexibility, comfort, and the ease to move around on the volleyball court.  The Wave Tornado X shoe for men from Mizuno provides you this and more. The shoe is priced in the range of around $125 to $130, and it is worth every penny because it has been designed in such a way to provide you full protection and flexibility while playing. Some of the great features of this product are:

  • Imported volley ball shoe made from high-quality synthetic fabric
  • Comes in two color schemes: Blue/black, and White/navy
  • Comes with sole made from natural rubber, which improves your balance while playing and allows you land seamlessly
  • Loaded with the Infinity Wave Technology, which ensures that your forefoot, rear foot, and mid-sole areas are nicely cushioned /padded to provide you extreme comfort. Helps through different waves on the sole which work like the suspension on your car to help smooth out shock.
  • Comes with Dynamotion Groove Technology, which helps you to be more agile, balanced and flexible while moving your feet
  • Comes with outsoles that don’t leave any marks on the floor, thereby preventing accidents of tripping and slipping while playing
  • Loaded with Dynamotion Fit Technology, which ensures that your feet sit properly within the shoes, thereby removing stress and pressure on them as it is moving during motion by having the upper portion of the shoe stretch correctly to ensure proper fit during movement.
  • One of the most high-power, serious performance volleyball shoes in the market today
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Mid-cut shoe
  • Infinite Wave Plate in shoe’s heel gives cushioning and reduces shock from jumping and landing when on the volleyball court. Great for both practice and in game play.
  • 5-ounce shoe, which is a slightly heavier than some volleyball shoes which are around 11 ounces or so in the market
  • Dura Shield protects against friction
  • Anatomical cup-in-sole is designed to automatically fit to the bottom of your foot.



  • Loaded with sophisticated technology and high durability – a signature feature of all Mizuno Volleyball Shoes
  • Provides you the much-needed grip and control while you are on the court
  • Chance of foot fatigue is reduced with these shoes, because the help to eliminate all kinds of stress and pressure on your feet by fitting perfectly
  • One of the best shoes in the aspects of traction, because of the extra grade rubber.
  • Comes with air vent holes at the soles which help to keep the shoe cool and reduce humidity. This is a unique quality that is not seen in most of the shoes and is referred to as Mizuno Intercool.
  • Considered to be the best Mizuno Tornado varieties by users
  • Has more cushioning than the Mizuno Lightning shoe which adds on the extra 2 ounces of weight


  • Slightly heavy than most of their counterparts
  • Shoe was launched in January 2016 so more reviews of the shoe are still coming in
  • Only comes in normal width

Bottom Line

The Wave Tornado X model of volleyball shoes from Mizuno is one of the best models available in the market today because it attempts to provide excellent comfort and control to users, with the help of innovative technology. It makes you flexible and agile at the same while improving your traction also.  Since it is reasonably priced, it is highly recommended to include these shoes as part of your volleyball gear.  They fit you perfectly and give you the freedom to select your shots without worrying about your toes. Currently has 4.6 out of 5 stars with 95% four star or higher, and no one star reviews. Click through the link below to see more information and reviews.