ASICS Women’s Gel Dominion Volley Ball Shoe Review

In the world of volleyball, Asics are one of the top preferred volley ball shoes because of their high performance and ability to take a lot of stress brought about by the movements in the game. Twists and turns, as well as jumping, are the usual movements and a shoe that you use needs to be able to withstand such aggressive movements. For volleyball, it is about a good volleyball shoe that gives you stability with every movement that you make and with good grip on the surface that you are playing on so that you do not slip and fall.

If you are thinking of purchasing the Asics Dominion Gel volley ball shoes, then this volleyball shoe review will give you a good insight into what to expect from this shoe and tell you what other people who have purchased them have to say about them.


Key Features

Rubber Sole: Asics dominion gel volley ball shoes are made with rubber soles and this is important for performance and comfort. The rubber soles provide cushioning every time you jump and land on the ground. They are able to absorb the stress that would have been directed to your feet, this gives you a much faster recovery to continue to run if necessary. The rubber sole also gives you better stability. Most volley ball courts are made of wood and rubber is appropriate to provide grip and stability on a wooden court. For the aggressive volleyball player, this is a key feature that will enhance performance and provide safety as you play the fame you love.

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Synthetic material: Asics women’s Gel-Dominion shoes are made from synthetic leather, as well, as mesh and this is important in providing breathability. With all the friction that goes on as you play the game, there is need for the feet to get air coming in and the hot air going out. Sweating can be the reason you fail to perform well, so breathable shoes minimize the sweating of your feet to ensure a condition that is ideal for performance. The mesh is also ideal for flexibility. The feet are not restricted in their movement, they are still able to make natural movements with just about the right amount of support. The mesh is not too tight on the feet and the synthetic material is strong enough to handle the stress that is put on them so they will not give up on you and get torn as you play.

Lightweight: These shoes are designed not to give a lot of drag as you run around. While they are made to provide stability with a level of thickness in particular areas, the overall weight of these volleyball shoes is not a burden to the player so they are still able to jump and run around without a problem of carrying unnecessary weight on their feet. Some people may take getting used to this unique weight considering that there are some other shoes that are much lighter but the thing is the added weight in comparison to other shoes is to your benefit especially if you wear them during training.


– Asics gel dominion volleyball shoes are very good at improving performance. Several features combine to ensure that the player is more stable, agile and has a better stop and go motion which is very important when playing competitive volleyball.

– These shoes can keep your feet safe, there is less risk of injuries because of shoe design. They cushion the foot as it makes different movements, taking the impact from landing after jumping high and provide needed support to different joints on the foot to minimize sprains and twists from vigorous movements.

– They are versatile, you are not limited to just wearing them for volleyball, they are sports shoes for the court so if you wish to wear them while running, they also provide good performance there and for women who cannot give up their volleyball sporty look, these shoes are quite stylish and they can fit into your sporty look as you walk on the streets.

– Durability is a key consideration for anyone buying a product and these Asics gel volley ball shoes score highly in that category, the material used to design these shoes ensures that they can take the demanding stress they are put through and yet they will not come apart easily or quickly.

– For shoes that perform as well as this, they are quite affordable compared to other shoes of the same design and performance

– Many people have noted that these shoes have just the right amount of space in the front so they keep your feet stable but do not squeeze the toes making them more comfortable for the active player.


– Some women complain that they do not come in a wider range of colors which limits choice

– If you are used to very flexible soles, you may find these ones a bit rigid

– Mesh material means if it is raining, water will get into your shoes

Rating and popularity

Asics gel dominion women’s volleyball shoes come highly rated by customers who have bought them and used them. Online they score on average 4.4 out of 5 stars and they are quite popular not just with volleyball players but several people who like to wear sporty shoes. Asics is one of the leading brands in the world of volleyball.


If you are looking for reliable volleyball shoes that will help you up your game or you just want sports shoes to walk on the street but still look stylish or even gym shoes, these Asics Gel-Dominion women’s volleyball shoes will work just perfect for you. It is important though that you get the right size for you since the level of comfort can be greatly determined by how well they fit you.

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