Nike Women’s Pro Cool 3″ Compression Shorts Review

As an athlete, you will need clothing that will keep your body warm and dry at all times when playing volleyball, or your chosen sport. When your shirts or shorts retain moisture in them for a long time, it will cause skin irritation, rashes and other problems for you. This will lead you to lose focus in your game. This is where compression shorts prove to be a huge blessing for you. The Pro Cool 3” Compression Shorts from Nike are one of the best in the market today because it comes with flawless stitching and ergonomic designs. Take a look at the features of these shorts to learn more about them.



Volleyball shorts need to be chosen with great care and research because you need to be comfortable in them when you are playing for long hours. The Nike Women’s Pro Cool 3” Compression Shorts are from one of the most reputed names in the sports industry, Nike, is all set to blow away your mind with its impressive features, comfort, and durability. Some of the excellent features of these shorts are:

  • Imported shorts made from high quality 100% synthetic fabric
  • Made from Dri-Fit fabric, which absorbs moisture in seconds and keeps you dry and comfortable always – thus you don’t have to face any embarrassment even when you sweat a lot during your matches
  • Waistband is elastic, adjustable, comfortable and of the perfect fit
  • Ensures that your freedom of movement on the court is not hampered, thanks to the lined gusset stitching
  • Comes embedded with ergonomic seams to give your body the flexibility it needs and relieve you from all kinds of stress and pressure
  • Comes with flat seam stitching, which fits you smoothly on your body, thereby eliminating all problems caused due to irritation
  • Comes with inbuilt 3” inseam stitching to provide extreme comfort for women players
  • Fabric is of stretch type which ensures that your feet are well in control even when you are making some intense moves on the court
  • Comes in a host of bright, vibrant and classic colours, thereby giving you a sea of options to choose from
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  • Great elasticity and stretch qualities which ensure that you feel comfortable all through your match/practice sessions
  • No discomfort even when you sit on a wet surface, because the dry-fit fabric absorbs moisture within seconds
  • Fits perfectly
  • Can be used for various indoor sports and regular exercises


  • Fit issues experienced by some people as they feel that the shorts are quite tight
  • Some pieces reported low quality of hem within a few days of usage
  • Quite steeply priced; the highest price range of these shorts is around $109

Bottom Line

If you want to show off your volleyball skills on the court freely and without any concern of your shorts riding up too often, ensure that you purchase these high-quality compression shorts from Nike right away. This will prove to be a good investment for you. Currently have a 4.4 out of 5 rating with 83% over 4 stars. There are many questions answered about them in the link.

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