Mikasa Competition Volleyball Net Review

The VBN 2 Volleyball net from Mikasa is a high quality, professional competition-grade net. It is designed with robust materials like steel while keeping pliability in mind, to meet the rigorous demands of the game. It abides by the updated international standards for volleyball equipment so that with every practice session, your team can prepare for the real competition. This is one outdoor volleyball net to look out for. The Mikasa VBN 2 can also be used by volleyball enthusiasts to play in the backyard or at the beach, as it is fit for both indoor and outdoor use.

Why Choose the Mikasa Competition Volleyball Net?

Volleyball is a fast-paced game where the brunt of forceful, lightning fast hits is often borne by the net, from both sides. In such a scenario, a weak, low quality net would not be able to stand the heat and break under pressure. You will then be running to either repair or replace it every now and then. Not only is this an inconvenience but can have seriously bad repercussions in cases where it is used for professional practice. It can eat into the practice time and affect the quality of the game, none of which can be afforded by a competitive team.

You, therefore, need a reliable and sturdy option that only stands firm against the pace of the game but also helps your team improve its game. The VBN 2 Volleyball net from Mikasa does exactly that as it is designed to qualify competition standards so it can strive under pressure just as much as your players do.

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So, what is it about the Mikasa VBN 2 Volleyball Net that you will love? We figured out, there are several things you will love about this outdoor volleyball net. Here is what we found out to be the most interesting.

l Indoor and Outdoor Use

Indoor and outdoor weather conditions can vary greatly. If a volleyball net is not optimized to be used in both conditions, it may get damages or not perform optimally in situations for which it is not suites. The Mikasa Competition VBN 2 Volleyball net comes with the advantage that it is fit to be used anywhere, in an indoor court or outside, on a beach or backyard.

l Netting Details

A volleyball net needs to strong as well as flexible to perform optimally. Adequately fulfilling both these requirements, the VBN 2 is designed with strong polythene netting in four-inch mesh for flexibility and aircraft steel cable binding, covered in white vinyl, to ensure sturdiness. The steel cable reinforced polyester netting makes the nest ideal for tough games and helps it last longer than the average net. It also features a top rope, covered in vinyl, which makes tying it up and taking it down an easy task. The net has a standard size of 32’X3’, length by height with a 4’ mesh. This one is sure to last you years, and require minimum maintenance. When we tested it out, we found no problems whatsoever and the netting was sturdy, ensuring that there were no interruptions to the game play.

l Strong Support

When in play, the most pressure is felt by the ropes that hold the net in place. So, it is important that they be of superior quality and not give away mid-game. For this purpose, Mikasa uses tie cords with grommets on all four sides. The sides of the net and the bottom edge are also rope-bound for extra support to the shape of the net, which increases its longevity.

When we tested it out, we found no problems whatsoever when it came to support. The net was easy to install and stayed put no matter what. We also loved the fact that we could install the netting even in soft soil, which ensures that we can play in different types of weather easily. Volleyball is often played on the beaches, and this ensures that nobody should worry about the netting.

l Weather-Proof

Weatherproofing is a necessary requirement for volleyball nets that are to be used outdoors, as they may be subjected to heat, moisture and cold, every now and then. All components of the VBN 2 are designed with materials prepared to withstand these weather conditions. This feature ensures that the net will not sag, tear, or show holes after a few rough days of rain or heat. Thus, Mikasa guarantees a significantly increased rate of durability for the VBN 2.

l Color Options

The VBN 2 comes in several fun colors like bright blue and a fiery red, to brighten up each game play where it is used. The ropes of the net are available in either black or white. The mesh is rendered in black polyester so that no wear and tear or dirt shows, no matter how rough the use.


Keeping in mind the international standards for volleyball nets, the Mikasa Competition outdoor volleyball net has been designed with the prescribed materials. This not only gives the net longevity but also prepares players for authentic by acclimatizing them to competition grade equipment. The VBN2 can, therefore be used for varsity tournaments, beach volleyball competitions or any other competitive tournaments that require standardized, professional grade equipment.

l Trusted Manufacturer

Mikasa is a United States based manufacturer and all its equipment, including the VBN 2 volleyball net are made in USA. Their equipment comes with the credibility of the name of Mikasa, which has been a brand trusted for the quality of its products for 43 years now.

Buy Online

You can buy the Mikasa VBN 2 Volleyball net online, through various trusted vendors, buying online ensures you ease-of-payment and availability of product, no matter where you are. Plus, you could even get a free delivery, right to your home. It’s one of the bestselling outdoor volleyball net available out there, and it is something that you would want to buy, if you are looking for one that is right for your volleyball needs.

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