Top 5 Volleyball Net Systems Reviews

Volleyball is a fun sport, a team sport, which has become very popular in all areas of the world, because you can play it anywhere, really. Most people love the beach, and volleyball is the perfect sport for a beach day. You can also set it up in your pool indoors, for a workout while getting a fun splash in. Over 800 million people are playing Volleyball on this planet, which makes it the second most popular sport. So you are looking to get in on the fun, but you just don’t know what to look for before you get a volleyball net system. Below, is a list of things to consider before you buy a volleyball net system, which will help you pick out the best volleyball net for you and your friends.

Things To Consider

A Net or a Net System?

Before you read some of the crucial things to look for in a quality volleyball net system, you need to know whether or not you will need a complete set or just the net. If you are going to play at a place that already has a court set up, and have the poles, you will just need a net. So this article may not pertain to you.

However, if you are looking to set up shop without a court being set up, then a volleyball net system is what you will need.

Do I go with Indoor or Outdoor?

This is a matter of whether or not you have a home, or a space, that will be big enough to house an indoor net system. Most people are going to choose an outdoor system, because they can set it up on the beach, at a friend’s yard, or at a park. Before you buy, you need to find out if you can even set it up indoors, and if you are looking to play outdoors or not.

Permanent or Portable?

In ground nets are good for people who have the access of playing volleyball all year around. Usually people with warmer climates are going to go with an In-ground, permanent system. However, people who don’t have the luxury of warm weather and sunny skies all year round may find that a portable system is more for them. It’s convenient, and you can set it up basically anywhere.

Brand and Quality

There are plenty of brands and volleyball net systems out there to buy, but the trouble is finding one that is of quality. Typically, poles will be made of aluminum or some type of metal. Sometimes they can be made out of a carbon fiber, but when picking out a system, you need to go with a brand name that is reliable and durable. Companies like Baden, Dunnrite, and Parks and Sun Sports offer some of the better made net systems out there. These companies have to live up to their reputation and have been trust over time to deliver a quality net system for portable, indoor or outdoor purposes.

Weight and easy to use

Always check the box and directions for a net system that is either going to be super easy to use, or going to be a net system for a professional. If you are just looking to have fun, and enjoy yourself, you don’t need a professional net system, because it is going to be challenging to set up. However, that’s not to say there aren’t professional type net systems out there that aren’t accommodating. Also, the weight of a net system will be important in your decision. You should always look for a lightweight net system, so you can bring it with you easily anywhere you choose to go.

Best Five Volleyball Net Systems

1: Dunnrite AquaVolly Swimming Pool Volleyball Set

One of the more exhilarating ways to play Volleyball is in your very own pool. You can invite family and friends to get in a great workout while cooling off at the same time. Dunnrite’s AquaVolley is an affordable and durable net system that allows you to do just that. It comes with a bright pink volleyball, and two plastic base system, which you easily fill them up with water. Those two bases will fill up to 80 pounds each, giving you assurance that it won’t tip over while your play gets intense. While the two 1.9 inch aluminum posts can sustain any thunderous spikes for aggressive play. The net height can be fully adjusted for your playing needs, as well as the net. If you want it to be fully expanded, you will get up to 24 feet of net length. Most customers raved about how easy it is to set up the Dunnright AquaVolley net system.
Key Features

  • One-year manufacturer warranty
  • Huge 24 foot net can fit nearly all pools
  • Solid and durable plastic bases
  • Adjustable net for height and length
  • Affordable
  1. Park and Sun Sports Portable Outdoor Volleyball Net System

Whether you want to place the Park and Sun Sports Portable Outdoor net system in your backyard or take it with you to the park, this net system is great for men’s, women’s, or co-ed playing requirements thanks to the three premium made steel poles that measure up to 1.5 feet in diameter. The eye bolt system also allows for easy adjusting to different type of league play. It also comes with a plethora of accessories, such as a soft-touch volleyball, that lightens up the impact to your wrist, as well as a strong polyester zippered carrying bag that makes it much easier to take your net system with you wherever you want to go. It features a regulation size and moment net, that is durable and can be easily adjusted with its 1 ½” top tape, and can easily attached to the poles with by the side straps. You’ll get all your outdoor needs and more with this net system that is durable, affordable, and made for all levels of play.
Key Features

  • Corner Anchors that hold your net system securely
  • Durable and rugged polyester zippered carrying bag with handles
  • 3 feet, 16 inch double guy line with tension rings, that allows you to adjust and stay tight during intense play
  • Nylon net that is regulation size
  1. Park and Sun Tri Ball Volleyball Net System

Park and Sun continue to make many of the best volleyball net systems lists and for good reason. They offer the highest quality at an affordable rate, and their net systems last on average from five to ten years.

This Tri-Ball net system doesn’t disappoint either. You can adjust your net height to any type of gaming regulation for men’s, women’s, and co-ed play. Like the net system above, Park and Sun gives you the luxury of easy handling as they throw in their ED-1000 full zippered carrying bag. 1/4” Pre- measured boundary with a hand winder makes it easier for you to set up your portable net anywhere you would like. Loosen or tighten the net however you feel comfortable, with the 1/4” Guyline sets that come with tension rings. The two piece poles are made of 1-3/4” telescopic aluminum material, and if you are looking to make things interesting, the multi-colored and heavy-duty net sets up in a three way set. So you can set up three teams, looking out in three different directions.

Key Features

  • Six ten inch steel stakes making your net system firm and secure
  • A pre-measure boundary giving you the luxury of setting up less and more playing time.
  • Multi-colored and durable net system
  • Diversify your play with the Tri-Ball instruction guide
  1. Baden Champions Series Volleyball Set

If you are looking for an easy and quick setup on the beach, then Baden Champions Series Volleyball Set is perfect for you. What comes along with this net system is quite astonishing. You get a durable nylon mesh regulation size net, with boundary lines that are water proof, so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear of your net system. Baden quality volleyball, as well as a ball pump with needle comes along with this net system, so you can trim down your costs and time of having to go out and purchase accessories. Not just any net and not just any system, as mentioned above about the boundary lines being water proof, the weather proof net will help you get as much as possible without having to replace it. Baden made this set for quick and easy set up and take-down, which makes it great for beginners and ideal for those who don’t like the hassle of the process. With everything that is included, and the quality of this net system, it is rather affordable, which is why it is one of the best top 5 volleyball net systems out there today.
Key Features

  • Durable weather resistant grab bag for easy handling and portable access.
  • Strong steel poles that are made with black-powder coating. You can set this on the grass or sand.
  • Adjustable poles that are heavy duty, so you can set the net system to your regulation requirements.
  • Waterproof tapes, weatherproof net, and waterproof boundary lines giving your net system sustainability.
  1. Park and Sun Spectrum Classic Portable Outdoor Volleyball System


While Baden’s net system at number 4 is near genius and ideal for all, the main reason at setting these two systems apart is the price tag and the reputation of Park and Sun as one of the best manufacturers of Volleyball net systems. When you are out on the beach to have fun but you want to step it up with some aggressive and good fun play, you will need a heavy duty and durable net system like Park and Sun. Their ground and corner anchors hold the poles and net system securely into place enough to withstand any intensity. When you want to play co-ed all you have to do is push the button on the pole system and it adjusts to either men’s or women’s regulation heights, for quick and easy access. The spectrum and nylon net is flexible, durable, and made to last any type of tension during aggressive spikes and play. To top it off, when you are done playing for the day, you can fit all of the accessories and the net system into the heavy duty 1800 denier polyester handle bag, for simple transporting.

Key Features

  • Guidelines make it easy to adjust your tension along with its padded pull down handles.
  • Three inch net tap, is double stitched and reinforced to last
  • Adjustable with its quick and easy pin and pole locking system, perfect to change the play requirements from men to women, and co-ed.
  • 30 years of quality volleyball nets. Park and Sun provides customers quality assurance and ease of mine with their tournament made volleyball net sets.
  • Multi-colored net options of: blue, green, orange or Americana.
  • 12” stakes with a stake bag to store away.
  • Cord winder, that’ll keep your boundary wrapped without tangles.


These nets above are perfect for anyone. They are made for beginners or seasoned pros. If you have been playing volleyball among the 800 million others on this planet, but you are looking to buy your first volleyball net system, then these options are a great start and way for you to do so.